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Top 5 Worst Rulers in History – Fantastic Fives
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Top 5 Worst Rulers in History

When it comes to rulers, some were far from benevolent and some were actually cruel and dangerous.

Here is our top five list of the most horrible leaders in the history of the world:

5. Vlad the Impaler 

vlad the impaler

Vlad the Impaler was born as the second son of Vlad Dracul. He ruled as the Voivode of Wallachia. He was known as a cruel ruler who used torture such as impalement on a stake, which caused a long and painful death. The dead were left for weeks or months on the stakes outside of his castle to scare others from disobeying his rules. He was said to have killed as many as 100,000 people.

4. Nero 


Nero was the Roman Emperor from the year 54 to 68 and came to the throne after the death of Claudius, his uncle. In the year 64 he was to become known as the Emperor who fiddled while the city of Rome burned, as much of the city was destroyed in a huge fire. However, this is rumor so it isn’t known how true it is that he played his fiddle as it was happening. However, Nero is still known as a tyrant and even executed his own mother and poisoned his stepbrother.

3. Joseph Stalin


Joseph Stalin was the leader of the Soviet Union from the 1920s until he died in 1953.He had absolute power in the 1930s, when he instituted the “Great Purge” and tried to get rid of what he called opportunists through expulsion, putting them in labor camps or execution. He was also responsible for being implicated in the assassination of the boss of the Leningrad party, Sergei Kirov and tried to implicate the other opposition in the death. He also passed a law that all terrorists would not be allowed to have an appeal or an attorney and would be executed after an investigation of 10 days. Stalin’s regime was responsible for approximately 4 million people with most of those being his own people, the Russians.

2. Caligula 


Caligula, who was also called Gaius, was the Emperor of Rome from 37 AD to 41 AD. He was part of the Julio Claudian dynasty. During most of his reign he was remembered for being a cruel, extravagant ruler who had many sexual perversions and was considered to be an insane tyrant. His role as emperor ended when he became the first Roman Emperor to be assassinated. This was part of a consirpacy that involved the Praetorian Guard and the Roman Senate.

1. Adolf Hitler


Hitler was born in Austria and became the chancellor of Germany to reign between 1933 and 1945, as well as the dictator of Nazi Germany from 1934 to 1945. This was during World War II. He is credited with starting the Holocaust, in which he ordered all Jews to be rounded up and taken to concentration camps where millions died or were executed and burned.  Counting non-Jews, he is said to be indirectly responsible for the deaths of as many as 50 million people and six million or more were Jews. He and his wife, Eva Braun committed suicide to avoid capture by the Allies.

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