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Top 5 Weird Phobias

There are many more phobias that exist when comparing with the ones we usually know. Everybody knows about claustrophobia because it is the most documented one but there are hundreds of other phobias. Some of them are really weird at first glance and it is worth mentioning the top 5 weird ones. Specialists believe that there are also others phobias to still be discovered and documented so we can expect this top to be different in a few years from now.

Here are our top 5 strange fears:

5. Paraskavedekatriaphobia – Fear of Friday the 13th

This is basically a fear of Friday the 13th. It is the same name of a really popular horror movie series. Nobody actually knew that behind the movie there was a really simple phobia, similar to how the hit single Fear Of The Dark is also about a weird phobia that really exists. Paraskavedekatriaphobia appears because of cult beliefs that are implemented in the subconscious of the patient and is usually linked to the occult meanings of the number 13, together with the Friday correlation.

4. Cainotophobia – Fear of Newness

This is definitely one of the weirdest phobias. There are many people that are afraid of something new when relating to simple things in life like getting a new job or buying new clothes but when this fear is very strong, we are basically seeing someone that developed Cainotophobia, the fear of newness. Extreme cases have been documented in the past with people that were even afraid to put on new shoes and the cause is believed to be a failure or event that was linked with something that was experienced for the first time in the life of a patient.

3. Barophobia – Fear of Gravity

When Newton first got a glimpse of the existence of gravity, nobody thought there would be a fear of it. Barophobia is exactly that and those that are affected by it will usually be irrational, fearing that gravity would basically reverse itself and that it would disappear. That would basically kill them as they would start floating. Others fear that the pull will end up being so strong that they will be crushed as they are drawn towards the earth. Nobody really knows why this phobia develops but it is one that is incredibly weird and nobody can deny that.

2. Taphophobia – Fear of being Buried Alive

In the past, people that suffered from this strange phobia were labeled as actually suffering from claustrophobia because of the similar manifestations. However, those that are hit with taphophobia are actually afraid of being buried alive. They will have absolutely no problem when being in an elevator or in areas where there are small lacks of oxygen but they will not be comfortable around cemeteries or any building that is associated with burying people. Cases of taphophobia can be really extreme in the sense that the patient can believe they will die and be buried alive or that people want to do that to him/her. In most cases there is a need to undergo psychological treatment.

1. Coulrophobia – Fear of Clowns

Most people think that clowns are pleasant and they will enjoy their company. This is not true for those that have coulrophobia, which is basically the fear of clowns. In most cases the fear develops as the child is very small and something happens when linked to a clown. It is recommended that really small children not be exposed to clowns, although the popular belief is that a clown will be enjoyed by the kid due to their  colorful and joyous appearance. There are many movies that highlight the fear of clowns and even cartoons, although everything was just a mockery in the sense that this weird phobia is seen as a laughing matter. Those that are affected will be afraid of everything that is connected to or looks like a clown.

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