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Top 5 Ways To Survive A Healthy Dating Relationship

Times are a changing, and so are the communities we live in; relationships are not what they used to be, and there are no assurances that being in a relationship for a very long time sustains any relationship when signs of separation rears its ugly heads. What this all means is that durability in relationships is no longer a guarantee or that any relationship will last beyond its beneficial life whenever something unexpected comes between the two parties. So the question here is, how can we keep our healthy dating relationship adaptable so that it will last for a long time; and maybe lead to marriage? 

Here are 5 tips you can use to make your dating relationship a healthy one.

5. Appreciation and agree with their occupation

Whether you have career of your own or not, always try to appreciate what your partner does for a living, but more importantly refrain from competing with your mate as far as career goes. A good relationship has a lot of branches; mutual respect, harmony, and sharing of love and ideas; so learn to evolve with each other by sharing most things.

4. Curtail your expectations

Communicate honestly about your emotions and expectations, but do not constantly expect your mate to understand or be ready to meet your expectations primarily if you did not communicate that to them distinctly. Failure of most relationships arrive from folks hiding their expectations of what they need or anticipate from the other person; be accessible and let your mate know completely where you are coming from.

3. Doing things with each other is always a hallmark of most relationships

If you’re going to be doing something or have a plan that you would like your partner to be a part of, keep them mindful of what you are planning so that they can plan ahead to fit into that schedule. Appreciate your partner’s time and keep each other posted to each other’s schedule. As you give time to your partner to make a decision to involve you, so should you expect them to participate in your decision, but do not force them into it.

2. Say no if you’re not up to it

You will be better off to turn down a date with your partner than to accept the date and turn the whole day into boring excuses. Your partner will appreciate you saying that you’re tired and can’t make a date with him or her than to show up and pretend like you were not even there. Relationship dates are more noteworthy when both participants enjoyed each other’s company; so don’t go on a date when you are not prepared or exhausted, reschedule and he or she will understand. If you want to keep a normal and relationshhealthy dating relationship, try hard to show your partner that if you fail them in some ways that you will be ready to make things right down the line. If you do things this way, more often than not your partner will appreciate you more and will also know that you value them.

1. Trustworthiness 

Show you are reliable to your partner. Truthful communication is always important and cannot be denied in a relationship. If you have the tendency of telling white lies just to cover up some aberrations, then learn to be completely honest with your partner to get thier complete assurance. Remember that telling lies is addictive and if your partner finds out about your lies even just one time then trust can be compromised. Stay truthful with your partner so that they can also be truthful with you.

Give and take is a simple solution to many acrimonious relationship, and couples who learn early on to give and take will see their relationship grow healthier. Healthy dating relationship is in name only when individuals who acknowledge they love each other are not respecting each other’s affection, and are not being honest with each other, and most critical; are as strangers to one another. In the end, I want to say that these tips and ideas are not fresh. They are simply natural ideas that most folks who have been in relationships for some time probably know about. So take them to heart and use them in your relationship as needed. Last but not least, take these healthy relationship tips to heart; this may not be the first time you heard about them and plausibly will not be the last. Try to apply them in your own relationship where you believe it is necessary, and hopefully they will make a difference in your own life.


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