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Top 5 Ways To Prevent Migraine Headaches

Migraines are awful and by far one of the most common things that can ruin your day. They bring on intense pain that leaves you feeling disabled and can go as far as making you dizzy or even vomit. So how exactly do we fight these migraine headaches? The first step in the fight is prevention of course. Over the years, I have dealt with a lot of migraines and learned a lot about them. That is why for this article, I am going to give my personal list of my top 5 ways to prevent migraine headaches. Hopefully these tips will help you prevent migraines as much as they have for me. Anyway, let’s get right to the list!

Here are my best tips to stop migraine headaches:

5. Avoid Caffeine

This is a rather tricky one. Drinking a lot of caffeine is a great way to get addicted to caffeine. However, once you are addicted, caffeine withdrawals can cause severe headaches. So what should you do? If you aren’t addicted to caffeine, don’t let yourself get to that and try and stay away from caffeine altogether! If you are addicted to caffeine, try to slowly eliminate caffeine from your diet. If you do it slowly, you may be able to avoid the migraines that often come with caffeine withdrawals.

4. Monitor The Weather

Along with keeping a diary of the foods you eat, you might also want to keep a diary of the weather. Believe it or not, chances in the weather can often trigger headaches. This is especially true with dry atmospheres.

3. Bright Lights

This is rather obvious, but one way of preventing migraines is by staying away from bright lights. If you notice yourself having frequent migraines at work, try checking the lighting. Is the light extra bright? Is it right in your face? If either of these are true, it’s time to make adjustments to the light! If it is a ceiling light, you may want to ask if you can move your desk.

2. Check Your Allergies

A lot of people don’t think of this, but try and find out what you may be allergic to. Migraines can be caused simply from an allergy to a certain food that you may have eaten. It is important in general to understand what you may be allergic to, so if you have no idea, it’s time to find out!

1. Keep A Diary!

This may sound silly, but keeping a diary of your migraines that you get is a great way of preventing migraines. There are often patterns that trigger migraines, for instance, certain foods or drinks may trigger them. So how do you find out which foods and drinks trigger your migraines? You make a diary! Write down the days of your headaches in addition to the foods you eat. You should be able to start to notice some patterns and figure out which foods and drinks may be causing you problems.

I hope this list has helped all of you who read this list. Again, migraines are very unpleasant and can really ruin your day. If you know how to prevent them though, you can hopefully say goodbye to these migraines. I wish you luck with these 5 tips, and I hope they help you as much as they have helped me. Good luck!

Article by: Sandra Springfield

Sandra has had a history of dealing with migraine headaches. Over the years, she has learned a lot about them and how to prevent them. She recently started a blog titled Migraine Home Remedies. She encourages you to check it out.

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