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Top 5 Tips For Men Trying to Impress Women

There are a lot of people who say that women are the most complicated things on Earth. This is primarily because women can easily change their minds. Women sometimes tend to make decisions from nowhere and suddenly they want to change things up. There are a lot of men who says that they literally don’t understand women sometimes and this is very true for partners. But there are actually men who can read every woman’s actions and they are called experts. There are even a lot of men who are very successful in reading women’s body language and they can actually flirt easily with them. Want to be an expert too in reading women’s body language and actually know if they are up to something or not? Take the tips below and you might actually learn to be more effective flirting with women.

Ways to Know If a Woman is ready to Mingle

Before you make a move, you have to know first if a woman somehow is interested in you. You have to make sure that she is ready if you don’t want to get busted. Women are naturally attracted to men who have a sense of humour. Flirting with women gives them the idea about men’s intention and if the girl somehow responds to one of your flirting techniques you can now begin your real flirting strategy. Here are our top 5 tips.

5. Teasing

While you are having a fun conversation with them and they get comfortable with you, you can now start teasing her in a humorous way. Some women will even test to see whether you can easily be controlled by a woman. This test is plain simple but you need to pass it if you don’t want to be just another man on her list of friends. They sometimes tend to get unreasonable and the only way to pass it is by teasing them back in a humorous manner. With this way, you are certainly not like the standard guys they have flirted with.

4. Being Unpredictable

Agreeing to what a woman always say turns-off a lot of women. This is one of the major mistakes some men make when they want to impress women. Women tend to get turned off if you agree with most of their of their opinions. Don’t be afraid to challenge what they say or belief. They may respect you more for it. Being unpredictable at times somehow amazes them and gives them the idea that you are not a man that can be easily controlled. Being unpredictable also adds an appeal to your masculinity which convinces women that you are a real man.

3. Self Confidence

Being confident in everything you are saying somehow gives women the idea that they are secure with you. Being confident makes them realize that they will be secure whenever they may be with you. This self-confidence formula triggers women’s attraction to men making them wanting to know more about you. Keeping your values and personality intact even when little disagreements arise helps makes them realize your masculinity.

2. Smelling Good and Looking Good

Women are more attracted to men who look nice and clean but not too vain. You don’t have to look super-hot like a celebrity to attract women. While some women sometimes like those men who looks rugged they still even find it more attractive if they smell good. Hygiene is very important because you don’t expect a woman to get interested with you if you stink right? Using a fragrance might turn them on but make sure to retain your masculine smell. Choose a fragrance wisely and make sure that you are not overpowering them.

1. Laughter is the Best Medicine

Women are not attracted to Mr.Nice Guy anymore. They are even more attracted to men who can make them laugh. They are more attracted to men who can provide excitement and fun. Making women laugh is actually the best start to successful flirting. Most men easily get women’s attention by making  them laugh. After successfully initiating the first step, make some  positive comments about how beautiful they are when they smile. Most women are attracted to a man who compliments them. But remember to not overdo it!

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