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Top 5 U.S. Muscle Cars

Americans have always loved their cars. From the time the first car rolled off the production line many years ago until today the number of different makes and models produced in the U. S. is amazing. For many Americans, the one style of car that continues to thrill and excite them is the muscle car.  In fact every car producer  in the U.S. has one. It isn’t always about performance but also how much style and flair they convey.

These are our top 5 sports cars:

5. The Plymouth Roadrunner

By 1968 the production of muscle cars was evolving and companies were moving away from low cost fast models. When this car was released the company was trying to return to the muscle car origins. It was the first of its type at this time to be able to cover a 1/4 mile straight in 14 seconds but the cost to buy was less than $3,000. By 1968 sales of this car were outselling the company’s other much better muscle car the GTX. The Plymouth Roadrunner was manufactured from 1968 until 1980 in a variety of different styles.

4. The Pontiac GTO

This car is regarded as the first modern muscle car and was manufactured from 1964 until 1974. While  not the quickest of the muscle cars it was still incredibly popular. This could be due to it looks, the way it performed and of course how inexpensive it was to purchase.

3. The Dodge Charger

This car has certainly earned its place in our top 5 US muscle cars of all time. For those of us growing up in the 1980’s we all remember watching  “The Dukes of Hazard” and seeing Bow and Luke saving the day in their own Charger  (The General Lee). This car came with a 426 Hemi, but achieved it’s peak in 1969 when the massive 500 became available. For some it was regarded as a dominate force on the NASCAR circuit.

2. Chevrolet Impala

Unveiled to the world in 1961 this is car is viewed as the original muscle car and is now considered to be a living legend. It was fitted with a 409 cubic inch engine and was able to perform at levels never seen before. This car was capable of going from 0 to 60 in just 7 seconds as well as being able to cover a 1/4 mile in 14 seconds. To further reinforce the car’s reputation, The Beach Boys published a song called “409” paying homage to it.

1. Ford Mustang

This is one of the first muscle cars you are likely to think of when we discuss this topic.  It first came out back in 1964 and over its lifetime we have seen some changes made not only to the cars performance but also its appearance as well.  Yet this still continues to be in production today and has proven deserving over the years of being the top muscle car. It has been a fan favorite in not just TV shows but movies too.

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