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Top 5 Tips To Get Your Ex Husband Back

If you’re a woman who has recently split or is going through a divorce, I know it’s really tough. I guess it’s even harder if you still harbor feelings for your ex husband. Even if you’ve suffered an awful break up, that doesn’t stop the feelings of wanting your relationship to be healed and happy once again!

So to start the healing process, I would like to provide five helpful tips on how to get your ex husband back:

5. Reasons

First consider why you and your ex husband split in the first place. One the most common reasons for separation and divorce is boredom. You do the same mundane things day in day out and eventually the relationship gets to point where one or both of you give up. If you want to get your ex husband back, you have to think long and hard about how and what you should change about yourself if you ever get back together again.

4. Don’t Be Needy

Don’t under any circumstances turn into that needy, pleading, begging woman of your ex’s nightmares. If you stand any chance of getting this relationship back on track, constant phone calls and text messages aren’t going to help. Begging your ex to give you another chance and promising things will be different and telling him you’ve changed will never work. This will merely drive him further away and he will consciously believe that he’s made the right decision.

3. Me Time

It’s a fantastic idea to be the opposite of the woman above! It’s time for some “me time”. This is the chance to do things that you always wanted to do, but never got round to. Was there a lavish location you wanted to visit? Perhaps you’ve always wanted to further your education, take a night class or study for a degree. Maybe you’ve even been dying to try a new hairstyle or new wardrobe, this is your opportunity.

2. Enjoy Yourself

To continue with the same theme, it’s also time you started getting out and enjoying yourself more. You see, one of the best tips I can offer on how to get your ex husband back is for him to see you as a vibrant, happy, confident and “new” woman. If he can see that you are dealing with the split in a good way and he sees this confident and more independent new you, believe me when I say there is nothing more attractive to a man!

1. Don’t Date

It’s your decision whether to start dating again. However if you’re thinking about how to get your ex husband back, dating to make him jealous is always a bad idea. You will more than likely just push him away for good and leading another man on is just not fair!


Article by:  Jayne Harding

There are certain things you can do right and wrong to Get Your Ex Husband Back. Get them wrong and you can kiss goodbye to that relationship forever.


One thought on “Top 5 Tips To Get Your Ex Husband Back

  1. For a relationship of 2 years and above to make betetr and work, depends on how the couples involved relate with each other. It’s very easy to assume you know all there is to know about your partner. These few tips on how to make a relationship last sh’ld help and I’m positive about this just as you also sh’ld;1. Relationships change. You need to be aware of how they are changing and adapt to those changes.2. Have clear definitions of the type of intimacy you want (e.g. romance, nurturing and the feeling of wanting to be with the other person or sexual desire).3. Nurture your loving feelings. Try to do one loving thing for your partner everyday – a massage, a cup of tea in bed, a text message to say you are thinking of them…..the possibilities are endless

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