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Top 5 Tips To Get Along With Your Ex

I know you can get along with your ex because I did it myself. It’s easy to hate your ex, or avoid them at all costs, but learning how to truly get along with my ex has benefited my life in so many ways. To help you get started on the right path,

here is a simple list of five tips that work, if you really want a positive relationship with your ex.

get along with ex

5. Don’t criticize.

I know you want to tell your ex (ex-wife, ex-husband, ex-girlfriend or ex-boyfriend) that they are messing everything up. It’s normal to want to tell them that they are in the wrong, and that you know how to do things the right way. It may feel good to put them in their place, but what a huge mistake that would be! If you want to remain friends with your ex, now is the time to stop criticizing them.

4. Don’t think that they are solely to blame from breaking up the relationship.

An immature thought process is one in which we cast all of the blame on others. A mature analysis reveals that all partnerships require at least two people, and that both of you contributed to the success or failure of it. This would be a great time to learn about what you may have done wrong in your marriage, and stop trying to cause further separation by thinking that your ex is solely at fault. As the old saying goes, it takes two to tango.

3. Show your ex that you still care about them.

Maybe you’re not in love with them anymore, or at least not like you were before, but you still care about their welfare. You don’t really want to see your ex fail and do badly, so why not tell them how you really feel. Let them know that you still care for them and want them to be a success in life. This tip really works at making your ex a friend.

2. Don’t talk badly about your ex in front of the kids.

My psycho ex used to love to put me down in front of the children. What was the result? It led to me truly hating him. Unless you want your ex to work against you and really despise you, bite your tongue about them around the kids. Easy enough, right?

1. Stop thinking of your former partner as an ex, and starting thinking of them as a friend.

If you keep this thought in mind when dealing with your “friend”, you will always treat them the right way.

Hopefully you will put these 5 tips on how to get along with your ex to good use. If you do, and they meet you at least partially towards the middle, I’m confident that you two will get along much better.

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