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Top 5 Tips to a Great Online Dating Experience

Are you just getting your feet wet with the increasingly popular online dating game? Feeling a little unsure, a little hesitant? Don’t worry about getting it perfect the first time. As in everything, we start off somewhere and improve from there. But a few tips would certainly help things.

So here’s five practical ways to have a better online dating experience:

5. Honesty is a Turn-on

Be who you are. Don’t hide facts or sugar-coat the reality. Sooner or later, the truth will be unveiled and that special someone will know. From then on, the budding relationship will wither, prematurely. Even if that special someone is forgiving enough to let go of the minor “inaccuracies”, it’ll inevitably introduce doubts into the relationship. Not healthy for the long-term. Here’s a reminder, if you always be yourself and say what you are, you don’t have to try to remember what you’ve said.

4. Increase Your Chances with a Photo

Submit at least one good photo of yourself, at your best. A photo does make a big difference. Some dating sites have claimed that profiles with photos get a lot more views, up to 15 times more! Just think about it, what’s the first thing that caught your eye when you’re browsing through the hundreds or thousands of online profiles? Yes, the photos. Likewise, people are more likely to respond to those with photos. Those without photos sometimes make others wonder. Not necessarily in a good way. What’s he trying to hide? Once I saw a profile where a guy openly admitted his reason for not posting a photo. His wife would kill him if she found out. Oops. A photo is a way of letting others put a face to your profile. It makes you seem more real and builds trust. So please go photo digging!

3. Protect Yourself

It’s a big, big world out there. Not everyone has honorable intentions. Trusting your gut instinct is a smart move here. Avoid using your real name on your dating profiles. You might not want to post your phone numbers, address and personally identifiable details to protect your own privacy. The good dating sites will have their own email accounts to let you email anonymously. For those that don’t have it, you can easily open up an anonymous Hotmail, Gmail or Yahoo account. Remember, there’s the block function if you need to use it. Block off those that make you feel uncomfortable.

2. Play Nice

Somehow there’s a tendency for people to be less polite when they’re sitting behind a computer screen. The standards of politeness appear to dip in online interactions. People might be caught saying things they never would in a face to face conversation. They might blame it on too fast fingers but then, a little niceness delights more than roughness. Don’t know what to do with people you have no interest in corresponding with? Try using one of the canned messages such as “Thanks, but I’m taking off from dating for a while…” or other kinds of messages that some dating sites offer. If not, a polite short message would do. That’s reaping good dating etiquette.

1. Have Fun! Enjoy!

When you’re feeling good about yourself, you tend to attract better things. So why not have fun along the way? Like most, your first few attempts probably won’t get you your perfect match. Don’t give up just yet! Even in real world dating, it’s not always love at first sight. Getting fed up, dejected or moody will shadow your best self. Others can sense your frustrations and keep away too. Even if someone doesn’t turn out to be the right one, there’s nothing stopping you from coming out of a conversation feeling good and chalking it up as another experience.


Online dating can be a great way to know more people whom otherwise you might not have the chance of meeting. With the convenience of emails, you can get to know someone better before meeting up with them. That might take away the awkwardness of meeting a total stranger for the first time and not knowing what to talk about.

Happy clicking to relationship success!


Article by:  Sarah Berry

Sarah Berry writes about online dating tips and advice for women. Visit http://online-dating-tips-for-women.blogspot.com for more details.

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