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Top 5 Super Bowls in the Last 25 Years – Fantastic Fives
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Top 5 Super Bowls in the Last 25 Years

Every fan has their own list to everything sports. It might vary from top NBA players of all time to top 5 tattoos on Allen Iverson’s right forearm; or top 5 Goals in NHL history to top 10 bar fights after the hockey game. We list and we rank, simple as that. With Super Bowl XLIV around the corner, I could not help being a sports fan.

We have been spoiled the last few years. On average, the last 5 Super Bowls have been decided by less than a touchdown, with 6 out of the last 10 being decided by 7 points or less. The 15 years prior, we were rocked to sleep with blowouts. During that span, there were only 3 games considered within reach on the last possession. In the last 25 years we have seen improbable comebacks by Tom Brady with game winning field goals by Adam Vinatieri (twice). We saw remarkable receivers showing off their hands in plays such as Santonio Holmes’ touchdown, Muhsin Muhammad’s longest offensive play, and Mark Ingram’s first down. We, also, witnessed the receiver using more than his hands with David Tyree pinning the ball against his helmet.

It is difficult enough to create a Top 5 within the last 10 Championship Games, but here is my Top 5 Super Bowls within the last 25.

5. Super Bowl XX

super bowl xx

The Monsters of the Midway Run All Over the Patriots. – Hometown bias? Yes. Pure dominance? Also, yes. The Bears came into the game with arguably the best defense to ever grace the league, and they had an offense to back them up. After the first half, the overwhelming supremacy was already present. Their 236 yards compared to the patriots -19 made a comeback highly unlikely. The margin of victory was the largest in the history of the big game. All in all, it was an old fashioned beating.

4. Super Bowl XXIII

super bowl xxiii

The Drive – Joe Montana shows his brilliance in the game winning drive. After a Bengals’ score, Montana wasted very little time putting together a four-play drive covering 85 yards. Like Super Bowl XX, this is another overpowering example of domination. This game showed us how amazing the Montana-Rice combination really was with both players breaking records in yardage. Montana went 23 for 36 for 357 yards and two scores. Jerry Rice finished with 11 catches, 215 yards, and the game’s MVP award.

3. Super Bowl XXXVI

super bowl xxxvi

Beginning of an Era – This was the coming-out party for the Patriots. With the first two games on my list displaying pure dominance, this starts the nail-biting finishes portion. With 1:30 remaining, Warner connected with Proehl to tie the game at 17. This would apparently leave Brady with enough time to operate. With no timeouts, he connected three short passes to take the Patriots to their own 41 yard line with 33 seconds left. With two more completions, Brady spiked the ball at the Rams’ 30 yard line with 7 seconds left. In the first of Adam Vinatieri’s game winners, he sent it straight through the posts as time expired.

2. Super Bowl XLIII

super bowl xliii

The Improvised Play – It was a dream play for the Steelers with 35 seconds remaining. Like Ben Roethlisberger did so many times, he scrambled to make something out of nothing. Rolling right and then left, he found Santonio Holmes open enough to make a play. The perfect throw found a miniscule gap in the defense where Holmes would be able to drag his feet for the winning touchdown. A back and forth game finished with a stunning catch, nothing more is necessary.

1. Super Bowl XXXIV

super bowl xxxiv

The Greatest Show on Turf brought us the Greatest game on Turf – Many kids dream about making the winning throw or catch, but how about the winning tackle. On the last play from scrimmage, Mike Jones of the St. Louis Rams tackled Kevin Dyson of the Tennessee Titans on the 1-yard line. With an outstretched arm, Dyson could not gather enough strength to shake the hold. Similarly to the introduction of the Patriots in Super Bowl XXXVI, this was the start of “The Show”.
Article by Michael S.
Men’s Weekly Magazine

Michael is a freelance writer for Men’s Weekly Magazine. Check him out over at Men’s Weekly Magazine

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