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Top 5 Songs That Brought Metallica to Fame

Metallica, a clear synonym of speed metal and heavy metal music. The band was born in 1981 in LA and shortly after their launch it became a hit, a few years later he became an international sensation amongst those who love the heavy metal genre and the band had stayed at the top after so many years; in a way we can say that this is a solid band because they have survived the test of time which is something not many bands can brag about. Today we’re going to talk about the top 5 songs that brought Metallica from being a small band born in LA to the international sensation they are today.

These are the top 5 songs that helped Metallica become famous:

5. Dyer’s Eve (from the album… and Justice for All)

Best described as a head-banger’s dream that doesn’t let up event for a second. This song is rarely performed live because it is so fast that it would be “almost” impossible not to butcher the sound in front of a live audience but regardless of this fact Metallica has actually performed the song in front of large audiences a few times in the past and each time it has been a total success. Those who play guitar hero can appreciate how fast this thrash metal song really is.

4. Hero of the Day (from the album Load)

If you’re used to Metallica’s fast and heavy styles then it is safe to say that at some point you might have hated this song because it starts all slow and groovy which is not what Metallica is about but at around 2:20 the fast heavy-metal style the bad has been known for takes over. If this song talks about how people look for heroes on television and to music but ignore the real heroes in real life. If you are a Metallica fan then you might want to give this song is second chance to listen all the way through.

3. Until It Sleeps (from the album Load)

This song can be described as one of Metallica’s trademarked accomplishments which mixes all the elements of their metallic style with slow but yet meaningful lyrics. This piece in a way resembles the song “God that failed” because it does talk about religion but also about science and their conflicting ideas. This song was born when Hetfield’s mother died after refusing to receive proper medical care because she strongly believed that God would heal her; this song gathers this story and transmits it in a powerful tone.

2. Fixxxer (from the album ReLoad)

Child abuse, this is the ugly but real topic that defines the last song from the album ReLoad, this piece can also be described as an eight minute long emotion filled masterpiece where Hetfield makes a correlation between a child and a voodoo doll and the pins that are inserted in the doll to striking blows from an abusive father; many fans may not be able to relate to the lyrics of the song simply because they have not experienced such painful situation but nevertheless these are eight minutes of lyrics worth listening to.

1. Bleeding Me (from the album Load)

Bleeding me without a doubt one of those tracks are you a call epic simply because it features so many things you would not expect to hear coupling with strong and heavy sounds that are characteristic of Metallica. In this eight minute piece you will hear Hetfield deliver strong lyrics that are enhanced with the sound of violins; yes, this is something you would not expect to hear especially in the same sentence with a name of this band but you know what, it works beautifully and makes what can be called the best song in Metallica’s history.

The songs are usually requested and played throughout their tours, which is why people are willing to pay to hear their favorite heavy metal band perform live; we can call it the Metallica experience.

Article by: Jeff

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