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Top 5 Snacks to Lose Weight

A healthy diet plan involves enjoying the experience of eating well-balanced meals and never letting yourself get too hungry, which means nibbling on healthy snacks to lose weight in between meals. One should never underestimate the value and role of snacks to lose weight in a healthy eating plan. Not only do nutritious snacks prevent a dieter from feeling deprived during a meal (which would likely lead to overeating), but healthy snacks are a perfect way of augmenting nutrients needed by the body as well as help keep blood sugar levels in check.

Here is a rundown of the top 5 healthy light meals to help shed those excess pounds.


5. Health Bars

Health bars are not only portable and healthier snack options, the right ones are packed with nutrients that fuel the body during energy gaps and help a person stave off an unavoidable (and unexpected) hunger pang. There are protein bars, high-fiber bars or energy bars that aren’t only healthier options but are also delicious, and the right ones contain no more than 200 calories per serving, have no more than 2 grams of saturated (bad) fat, have a minimum of 3 grams of dietary fiber, and contain mostly natural sugars.

4. Light Popcorn

Some of the selections at the cinema food kiosk may not be so bad for a dieter. To cure the munchies at home or at the movie theater, a cup of light popcorn sans butter or condiments does the trick. With just over 100 calories, a cup-full of popcorn is high in fiber and helps you feel full longer.

3. Peanut Butter Sandwich

Who knew that this all-time favorite snack is also one of the best snacks to lose weight? The best kind of peanut butter spread is the one made with natural nut butters and is low in calories. For a filling and tasty treat, an open-faced peanut butter sandwich with some slices of banana is a good idea. This is also a healthy snack popular with both young and old.

2. Nuts

Instead of reaching out for a bag of potato or corn chips, a handful of healthy nuts such as almonds, peanuts, pistachios and walnuts is the wiser choice. The unsalted, roasted varieties are best and boost the health benefits that nuts offer. Roasted pistachios that don’t contain any additives like salt can be filling at 50 pieces for just over 160 calories, without throwing a wrench into one’ss diet. Nuts are also good sources of healthy fats.

1. Fruit and Yogurt

Eaten independently of each other or together, these are healthier snack alternatives to sugary sweets and pastries especially for people with a terrible sweet tooth. Low-fat yet high in vitamins, minerals and fiber, fruits such as apples and oranges can be eaten at any time of the day. Grapefruits and pomegranates have anti-oxidant properties good for the heart. In combination with Greek yogurt, which is a good source of protein that is low in fat, fruit and yogurt is a tasty and filling snack for dieters.


Article by:  Maurice Thrower

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