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Top 5 Secrets About Disneyland

The internet is awash with lists of secrets and rumors, and Disney and Disneyland are no exception. In this article we are going to look at some of the best rumors and secrets we have found concerning Disneyland parks. But do take all these with a grain of salt as people have been known to exaggerate and just plain make things up, but they are still entertaining.

These are the top 5 Disneyland mysteries:

5. Hidden Mickeys

For fans of spotting games like Where’s Wally (or Waldo if you are in the states), there are a number of hidden Mickey Mouse ears hidden around the park. As you wander the park, keep your eyes peeled for the numerous hidden Mickey ears that are hidden in various rides and areas.

4. Birthday Specials

If you visit the world famous theme park on your birthday, tell someone at the gate and they will take you to City Hall where you will be given a special sticker letting the staff know. You can then expect some warm greetings and maybe even some special privileges from the staff during your time at the park. Why not use your new sticker to help you drive the Mark Twain Riverboat. Apparently if you ask nicely, the staff will point you to the captain’s room where they will sometimes let you drive the ship from the wheel room.

3. Coca-Cola Only

You wouldn’t have thought so from some of the prices, but apparently the number one cola producer gives Disneyland all their cola for free to make sure that they don’t serve their competitors and for advertising purposes.

2. Non-Stop Music

One site reports that the music from rides such as “It’s a Small World” and “The Haunted Mansion” never get turned off. Apparently it’s too pricey for the park to keep turning the music off and on again each day, so they leave it playing 24 hours a day. This sounds unbelievable with modern technology available.

1. Alcohol

Disneyland is well known for being a family resort, but sometimes the screaming kids and the heat get to you and you need a stiff drink. There is only one place at the theme park you can apparently get alcoholic drinks, but there is one problem; Club 33 is a very exclusive club. Apparently the waiting list has been closed due to too much demand, and membership capped at 487. If you do manage to get into the club through a contact or friend, you shouldn’t be surprised if you see world leaders and celebrities dining at this five star restaurant located around Blue Bayou in New Orleans Square.

This is a only a small selection of rumors and secrets about Disneyland dotted around the internet, we didn’t even mention the dead bodies in the Haunted Mansion or the cats that wander the park at night time.


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