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Top 5 Scottish Hero’s

I’m a proud Scotsman and I would like to share with the world 10 legendary Scottish icons, which I feel deserve to be remembered for as long as time exists. They are in my mind as powerful and more relevant than the comic book superhero’s that too many kids look to for inspiration. The big difference between my hero’s, compared to comic book one’s, is that mine were all made from real flesh and blood. Enter my world of immortal Scottish hero’s and give them the time and respect, which they deserve, they are all inspirational and revered people that will never be forgotten.

My Top 5 Scottish Hero’s are:

5. Joey Harper

Joey Harper, born January 11 1948, Place of birth Greenock,Scotland. Aberdeen Football Clubs greatest ever striker and record goalscorer. This guy was a natuarl born goal scorer, I still remember countless goals that he scored during his second spell with Aberdeen from 1976 -1981. King Joey Harper was a real character and should have had bags full of Scottish Caps, but in those bad old days you virtually had to play for Celtic, Rangers, or in the English league to get a game for Scotland.

4. Alex Ferguson

Alex Ferguson, born 31 Decemeber 1941, Govan, Glasgow, Scotland. He must be considered one of the greatest and most gifted football managers of all time. He is my hero for what he achieved with my football team Aberdeen, he was manager from 1978 – 1986 when he turned Aberdeen Football Club from being a second rate football team into the most feared football team in Scotland and a European force. He provided me and every Aberdeen supporter with countless memories which shall never be forgotten.

3. Rob Roy MacGregor

Rob Roy Macgregor, born 1671, place of birth Glengyle, at the head of Loch Katrine, Scotland, died 28 December 1734. A famous Scottish folk hero, outlaw, cattleman, and legendary Swordsman. Rob Roy Macgregor if he was alive today would be a very successful businessman, he was a very shrewd and multi talented individual.

2. Sir William Wallace

Sir William Wallace, born around 1276, place of birth Elderslie, Scotland, executed August 23 1305 London. Scottish Knight, Guardian of Scotland and freedom fighter. William Wallace virtually single handily began the first Scottish Wars of Independence against the English, during a time in history when the King of England Edward I was attempting to destroy Scotland and the Scottish people. William Wallace is still an inspirational figurehead for thousands of people all over the world, more than 700 years after his death.

1. Robert I the Bruce

Robert I the Bruce, King of Scots born 11 July 1274, place of birth Turnberry Castle, Ayrshire, Scotland, died 7 June 1329. Scotland’s greatest King and one of its most famous warriors, who lead Scotland to victory in the Wars of Scottish Independence against the English. On the 24th of June 1314, one of the most momentous battles in British history occurred, when the heavily outnumbered armies of Robert the Bruce won a decisive victory against the English to free Scotland and make it a nation again.

These 5 great men are all winners and truly inspirational people that can provide us all with the impetus to achieve great things with our own life’s, we have a duty to ourself’s to take control of our own life’s and situations. The only thing that is holding most of us back from achieving whatever we desire, is our own lack of belief and effort.

Article by: Garry Wynters

I’m wandering Scotsman that is currently living in Barbados, pursuing my business goal, which is to make 2 million dollars. I’m currently a director of two companies called http://awakenparadisepropertyconsultants.com and http://celebrationscaribee.com. I’m also a blogger of the iconic blog called http://2milliondollarbills.com

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