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Top 5 Reasons Guys Enter The Friend Zone

These 5 things are what many men do when dealing with women that automatically makes us candidates for her friend zone. Trust me, if you have spent some time in the friend zone then you will recognize several of these in your dating style.

These are our top 5 reasons men enter the friend zone:

friend zone

5. Always saying Yes, do not try to be a “Yes Man”

Women do not like suck ups, and that is what you will be thought of if you always agree to every request she makes. Women love strong, independent men who have interesting lives and hobbies of their own. They love men who have the strength and power to tell a woman “No” when he just cannot accommodate her desire. This really sends a powerful message to women that you are your own man and not someone’s puppet. Think for yourself, don’t be a puppet, and she will respect you as the man you are.

4. Funny – But, NOT the wrong kind

Women love to date men who have a great sense of humor. Funny guys are fun to be with, as long as they don’t begin to act like clowns. Women aren’t into dumb jokes (like those found in most joke books) like men are. Don’t think you are being funny when telling racist, sexist, or otherwise bigoted jokes. What women do love is what is known as “Cocky Humor”. Cocky humor mixes playfulness with extreme confidence and wit. When you can let out a cocky joke about yourself, and pull it off with ease and confidence, you leave her with things to think about. Each bit of playful fun will only heighten the physical and emotional tension building between the two of you.

3. Women gossip – men don’t!

Most women think that men who engage in endless gossip sessions are not dating material. Because gossip is seen as something girls do, men who do so are seen as “acting like one of the girls”. This is just a turn-off for most women.

2. Being overly polite and nice

Unless you have the money to pull it off, do not try to act like someone you aren’t. If you are not filthy rich or royalty then don’t act or dress this way just to impress a woman. Women see through this fairly quickly and you only look like a complete ass for pretending.You need to ignore all you have learned about being nice to girls. While girls do like nice guys, they also like naughty men. Spice up your relationship by being unpredictable; it is okay to be an ass at times, as long as you can also be a super nice guy. Be yourself. Act human.

1. Being too clingy

A lot of men think that if they give a woman their constant attention that she will see him as Mr. Reliable. Somehow these men think their very presence will make her want to date him. Actually, this is a major turn-off for most women. Clingy men send the message that she is the main focus of his life, and that his life revolves around making her happy. Women like guys who have interests of their own, and goals beyond simply pleasing a woman. Girls like guys with strong backbones, not weak men who hover. A clingy man will forever just be friend material, never lover material. Be independent and mysterious once in a while. Be spontaneous and surprise her, but don’t spend all your time trying to please her. When you start slow you make her desire your attention all the more.



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