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Top 5 Rare Pez Dispensers

Pez is a delicious type of candy that comes in a special Pez dispenser. Over the years there have been many types of Pez dispensers, and some of them are very valuable and worth a lot of cash.

Here are the top five uncommon Pez dispensers to hold onto if you ever find one of them:

5. Alpine Man Pez Dispenser

alpine man pez

Number five on the list is the Alpine Man, which came out in 1972 during the Munich Olympics. The Alpine Man Pez dispenser could net you a cash reward of $1,000 or more if you can find it to sell. It’s considered to be a Pez pal and has four sets of feathers in his hat and the hat is either brown or green. It also has a mustache. There are other Alpine Man Pez dispensers, but this one from 1972 is the one that is worth the most and is the most in demand.

4. Box Trademark

box trademark pez

Number four on the list is the Box Trademark Pez dispenser. Box trademark Pez candy dispensers actually were the very first ones that Pez made. They are considered as the first generation of Pez dispensers. They came out in 1949 and if you look closely you will see the patent number on them: 2.620.061, as well as it spells out the words, “BOX TRADEMARK” on the side of the candy container.

3. Make a Face

make a face pez

The Make A Face Pez dispensers are also pretty rare. Part of the reason is that this container was recalled and taken off the shelves because they were concerned about children’s safety. The Make a Face Pez dispenser is like a tiny Mr. Potato Head and had different little pieces to make a face on the candy container. They were worried about kids swallowing these pieces but there are a few still left intact.  Therefore, if you can find one, many times the pieces may be lost, but if you get one that is complete with all the little pieces, it is worth quite a bit to a serious collector. One complete Make a Face Pez dispenser sold for $3,400.

2. Mickey Mouse Soft Head

mickey mouse soft head pez

The Mickey Mouse soft head Pez dispensers are considered to be prototypes and therefore considered to be a one of a kind of candy dispensers. If you can find one of these Pez dispensers, then snap it up because the only one known to have been found was bought by someone for more than $7,000.

1. 1982 World’s Fair Astronaut B

1982 worlds fair astronaut b

Another extremely rare Pez dispenser is the 1982 World’s Fair Astronaut B. Some sources say that only two of these Pez dispensers exist in the entire world. This is due to the fact that it was meant to be a prototype for a kind of pez dispenser that never went into production. One of these was owned by a former Pez employee and sold at auction for $32,205. You can make some big bucks if you can find one of these.

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