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Top 5 Overlooked Def Leppard Songs

Def Leppard was a popular band that influenced heavy metal like no other. They currently have millions of fans all around the world and enjoyed strong success from a commercial point of view in the eighties and nineties. They had a unique heavy metal pop style which produced 5 best selling albums in the 80’s and 90’s. Def Leppard managed to do so many different things that had an influence on the music we hear today but there are still songs that are not actually known by fans.

These are our top 5 forgotten Def Leppard tunes:

5. Slang

Slang appeared in 1996 and it was not that known because it appeared right after the huge boom that the band had in the beginning of the nineties. It managed to reach number 17 in the UK Singles Chart and is part of the album of the same name. The band’s drummer, Rick Allen, used a more accoustic sounding drum set for this song and the band put in less effects on the vocals. There was a problem when it was released because the album cover did not have the Def Leppard logo in any possible variation while the cover for the single does have the logo.

4. To Be Alive

To Be Alive is another unknown single by most people because it was not marketed. It was a song that had highly appreciated lyrics. People that heard the song instantly said that this was one of their favorite tracks. If you missed it, make sure you listen to it because it speaks about love and really complicated relationships that most of us can easily relate to. The strongest part of the song is definitely the lyrical content while musically speaking; the song is simple and does not have anything considered as innovative.

3. Action

Action is the name of a song that was written by the band Sweet and released in 1975. It had a lot of success in the US, UK , Canada and various European countries. Def Leppard liked the song and made a cover, which was included in the Retro Active album. Many consider the cover to be a lot better than the original. While this is debatable, the music video is the one that catches attention. It featured the work of director Phil Tuckett who was really well known as a member of NFL Entertainment. All locations are live in Ottawa, Sheffield and the Ireland home of Joe Elliott.

2. Hallucinate

Hallucinate was written by Phil Collen and the main reason it is overlooked is the fact that it appeared on the 2008 Songs From The Sparkle Lounge album, the band’s 14th studio album. This album got mixed reviews from critics and that is why so many people did not buy it, thus missing a really good track. Hallucinate has everything that a great rock single should have and incules an opening riff that sounds very similar to their hit song “photograph”. There is no way to deny the fact that the band made a statement, showing that they are still good, although quite old in the music industry and trying to adapt to new styles and wishes from listeners.

1. Promises

Promises appeared in 1999 and was included on the Euphoria album. Because of how well the song was received by fans, it was later released as a single in the same year. The success was huge as it managed to reach the Hot Mainstream Billboard Rock Tracks chart while also managing to hit number 38 of the Mainstream Billboard Top 40. This was quite an achievement for a rock band who really had not performed much in years. The song has a nice mellow opening riff and an overall Def Leppard feel.

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