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Top 5 NFL Quarterbacks of All Time

The quarterback is a very important piece of any offensive team in American and Canadian football. They are positioned just behind the offensive line and play as leaders of the offensive group. They sometimes call plays and decide things in the huddle. To those sport lovers and most amateur football watchers the QB is the most active and visible player that could influence the game. His role has great importance but he is helped by the entire team equally. Usually he is the player that gets praised when the team wins and booed when the games are lost. The quarterback spends the most time on the field being substituted only because of injuries or in order to lower fatigue levels. They can be considered the stars of the NFL or any other league no matter the age. They get the biggest contracts and win the most MVP awards.

The concept behind the quarterback position was developed in the 1930s.  Today the NFL quaterback is responsible for organizing the team on the field and transmitting the coach`s directions. In its 80 year old history, this position has been occupied by some incredible athletes. Some really stood out by winning all trophies available and others stood out for their devotion to the game and their team.

Here is a list of the top five best all time quarterbacks that made appearances in the NFL.

5. Dan Marino

Marino was first drafted during 1983 by the Miami Dolphins. He came from Pittsburgh College and spent an incredible 17 seasons as part of the Miami group. He remained in history as the quarterback with the most records broken while playing for the same team. Specialists remember him for his incredible throwing strength and to the millimeter passes that on top of that were consistent throughout his entire career. Regardless of breaking as many records as possible Marino was never a Super Bowl winner. Sports enthusiasts say that his place in the NFL hall of fame is seriously shaken by the fact he lacks the biggest trophy of them all. He had 242 NFL appearances and completed an incredible 51% of his pass attempts. That`s about 5000 accurate passes. He gathered 61.361 yards and managed to throw 420 touchdown passes.

4. John Elway

The fourth player on our list is John Elway.  He was also a player during the 1980s which was an incredible decade for NFL quarterbacks. He first saw the NFL football field after being drafted by the Baltimore Colts. They recruited him in 1983 from Stanford University. he refused to play for them and was traded to the Denver Broncos. He remained there for 16 seasons. He remained in the mind of football enthusiasts because of a game against the Cleveland Browns when he managed to execute “the drive” which consisted of 15 plays and a total of 98 yards. He was the first quaterback to start 5 Super Bowls and won 2 of them for Denver in the last 2 years of his playing career. Elway’s win-loss record is 148-82-1 and his completion ratio was 56.9%. He threw for 51,475 yards with 300 touchdown passes.

3. Terry Bradshaw

Ranking number three on the list is Terry Paxton Bradshaw. Terry was born in 1948 and he played for the Pittsburgh Steelers. He appeared throughout 14 seasons in the NFL and won 4 Super Bowl trophies in `74, `75, `78 and 1979. He became the first NFL quaterback to win 4 Super Bowls. He also won 8 AFC Central championships with his team. He is currently a Pro Football Hall of Famer after being given this award in 1989. He is known for his powerful arm and difficult character. He called his own plays and made people realize he was a born leader. Bradshaw’s completion ratio was 51.9 % and he threw for 27,989 yards.

2. Tom Brady

Born in 1977 he was drafted from Michigan State by the New England Patriots.  He was a sixth round pick in 2000 and received an opportunity to start when Drew Bledsoe went down with an injury.  In his 12 seasons in the National Football League he has started  five Super Bowls (matching Elway). He managed to win three of them and become MVP twice. He is the current record holder for most touchdown passes in a single season and is part of a team with the longest winning streak of all time. Brady has a completion ratio of 63% and has thrown for approximately 45,000 yards.

1. Joe Montana

Ranking number one on our list of the top five NFL quaterbacks is Joe Montana. Drafted in 1979 by the San Francisco 49ers he left Notre Dame to become a part of NFL history. He played for 13 seasons and ended his career with the Kansas City Chiefs.   He was the leader of a beautiful team that won four Super Bowl titles. He performed like no other and won 16 games in his playoff appearances. His record sheet counts 192 NFL games and an incredible 60% completion ratio. He gained over 40.000 yards and threw 273 touchdown passes. He was declared MVP in 1989 and 1990. Montana was known for his ability to stay cool under pressure and helped his teams mount 31 fourth quarter come from behind wins.

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