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Top 5 New iPhone 5 Features

As Apple lovers around the world anxiously await the release of the new iPhone 5, we decided to review the top 5 new features it will have. Apple executives have already talked about several of the new features and functions available with their new product. While many of them were expected, it still doesn’t mean the iPhone 5 isn’t the most feature-filled iPhone yet.

Here is a look at our top 5 benefits of the new iPhone:

5. Taller Screen

As an iPhone 4S owner, I don’t think I can handle carrying around a bigger sized phone. However it definitely would be nice to view things a little bit more with a bigger screen. The new iPhone 5 comes with a larger 4 inch screen. The screen is taller than the old iPhones but not wider and now allows an extra row of icons, more viewing room from a webpage and wider movies. The screen still has retina dispay and has higher resolution for viewing photos and videos.

4. New Design

Although the pictures of the new iPhone 5 look like the old iPhones, you will definitely notice the difference when you see it in person. The new iPhone is made completely of glass and aluminum and it is thinner and 20 % lighter. Aluminum is now on the back of the phone which keeps you from getting those annoying streaks on the glass.

3. Increased Speed

The new phone is even faster than the other models. The upgraded processor chip allows for much faster browsing speeds and app downloads than previous iPhone generations. This new A6 chip promises twice the CPU and GPU performance compared to the iPhone 4S. Now that’s impressive!

2. Improved Camera

Many of us are totally dependent on our cell phones for taking pictures and videos versus a standard digital camera which makes this all the more important. The new iPhone 5’s camera is 25 percent smaller than the previous models and features a number of upgrades. The camera features a sapphire crystal lens cover which is thinner and more durable than the old glass ones. It claims to take pictures 40 percent quicker than the iPhone 4S. It also has a panorama mode which allows you piece together several images to create a single wide image.

1. iOS 6 Software

The iPhone 5 will come with Apple’s iOS 6 software. This will have 200 new features including a new Maps app that features turn-by-turn navigation, fly-over view  and 3-D images of cities and buildings. Other apps include a Facebook app that assimilates your calendar and contacts and a  Passbook app that keeps track of all of your coupons, boarding passes and tickets.




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