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Top 5 Vampire Movies to Watch Before You Die

I admit it- I am a self-confessed vampire movie aficionado, I just cannot get enough of them. What are the reasons why I love this genre so much? It’s possible that its the darkness of the films I am fascinated by. Or possibly it’s the sense of ‘film noir’ and sensuality.

Anyway, here’s my list, in reverse order, of my favorite vampire films ever:

5. ‘Vampires Suck’

Starting at number Five is the hilarious spin off of all vampire films specifically ‘Twilight’. The film was launched in 2010 by directors Jason Friedberg and Aaron Seltzer who are also the directors of the amazing Disaster Movie, Scary Movie 1, 2, 3 and 4, Epic Movie and Date Movie! The film relates the strange story of a girl known as Becca that finds herself involved with a bizarre love triangle (an odd idea for a film, I know!). As the film progresses it reaches its denouement at the high school graduation prom. Not all vampire┬ámovies need to be spooky!


4. Van Helsing – starring Hugh Jackman

Starring Hugh Jackman, this rip-roaring adventure of a movie follows the notorious vampire hunter Van Helsing as he seeks out his arch-nemesis, Count Dracula. The film is highly regarded for its tense action sequences and stunning special effects. I would highly recommend you seek out and watch this film- it’s exceptionally entertaining!

3. ‘Twilight’

Ok, this is a ‘marmite’ film, which essentially means that you are either going to really adore it, or really detest it- there is no in between! Personally I consider myself part of the former camp- for all its faults I do believe this is a great movie. This vampire movie tells a story of a teenage girl who risks everything as she can’t help falling in love with a good-looking vampire. Twilight was initially a book written by Stephanie Meyer along with New Moon, Eclipse and Breaking Dawn which were all also made into ‘must-see’ movies. Undoubtedly the film’s target market is the teenage sector. If you happen to watch one of the Twilight films in a cinema no doubt you will hear hysterical shrieks and other such noises coming from the teenage contingent! I know that this film gets a lot of negative press, and a great deal of ‘haters’, but I love it- so there!

2. An Interview With The Vampire

Coming in at number 2 is the utterly brilliant ‘An Interview with the Vampire’, directed by the highly regarded Neil Jordan. The film is adapted from the very popular novel (of the same name) by Anne Rice, and tells the story of a man’s transformation from human to vampire, and his subsequent life as an immortal. The lead role is well played by Brad Pitt, and compared with many of the other films in my top 5, this vampire movie is much more ‘serious’ and ‘literary’ in nature. Classic literary themes are addressed by both the film and novel such as morality, conscience and also the struggle with one’s sense of mortality. If you find yourself liking this brilliant film then I would suggest you look up Ann Rice’s novel as well. It’s an utterly amazing read. She also published a couple of follow-ups which are equally good!

1. ‘Blade’

Drum roll please! Yes, that’s right, my all time favourite vampire movie of ALL time, is ‘Blade’. Blade was directed by Stephen Norrington and released in 1998. It’s packed with drama, horror and a lot of blood! This is more of a ‘sit on the edge of your seat’ or ‘hide behind the duvet’ movie. It tells a story of a half-vampire, half-mortal person (played by the notorious Wesley Snipes) who becomes a protector of the mortal race against evil vampires!

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I do hope that you experienced reading this ‘romp’ through my favorite vampire films of all time. I would really like to hear whether you agree or disagree with my selection! Please do feel totally free to drop in on my own blog as well if you found this enjoyable!

Article by: Marko Foster

Marko runs a blog based around the subject of the TV and Film costumes which you can visit at http://filmandtvcostumes.com

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