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Top 5 Movie Directors of All Time

Movies have been around for many years now. This industry is one of the biggest and most influential forms of creation on the planet. It manages to combine dozens of abilities and skills that range from brilliant artists to complete athletes and stunning technology especially designed by great engineers. In order to manage and make the most out of all the things involved in creating the perfect movie someone must make sure all things are in place and the overall situation is just right. This person is called a film director and has maybe the biggest responsibility when it comes to filmmaking. He has to have a perfect understanding of art, technology and human behavior. He must be able to manage an entire film set and come up with a clear full image of what the end product should look like. Over the years many names have tried to make themselves noticed in what is now a cutthroat industry. A great part of them have failed to impress or just got lost along the way. A small group of elite movie directors have entered film history and are now perceived as the greatest of all time. Many lists have been made by critics, fans and other people involved in this business. It is impossible for them to come to a common conclusion but one thing is sure: some names just never stop popping up on each of those person`s top five best film directors of all times. A good way of putting together a list of five of the greatest without any arguing involved is to compare total box office draws.

Here is our list of the top 5 fim directors ever:

5. Chris Columbus

Ranking fifth in our top movie directors of all time is Spangler, Pennsylvania`s Chris Columbus. Born on the 10th of September 1958, this man has made history by directing some of the best ranked movies of all times. He created a personal trademark through underage leading characters that face tough situations and always come out victorious.  He also has a known habit of inserting brief, funny images during the end credits. He started by directing 1987’s Adventures in Babysitting but made his true debut with the everlasting “Home alone” staring a brilliant young Macaulay Culkin. In 1992 he continued the series with another Christmas blockbuster entitled “Home Alone 2: Lost in New York”. He is known for directing other movies such as “Mrs.Doubtfire” and “Bicentennial Man” both starring Robbin Williams. He reached his career peak after crushing the box office with the Harry Potter movies in 2001 and 2002. The “Sorcerer`s Stone” and “the Chamber of Secrets” are considered his best work so far and represent the biggest ratio out of his total box office draw of 1.567 billion.

4. Ron Howard

The fourth individual to be included in this top is Ron Howard. Born on the 1st of March 1954 in Duncan, Oklahoma, he has a total box office draw of 1.606 billion. He is a fan of Tom Hanks, Russell Crowe and Gary Sinise, frequently including them in his creations. Over the years he took on comedy, drama, thrillers and even fantasy. He is known for 1985`s “Cocoon” and 1995`s “Apollo 13”. His recent work includes “The Dilemma”.

3. George Lucas

The third place on the podium with a 1.698 total box office draw is occupied by the great George Lucas. This brilliant man, born in California during the 1940s is the director of some epic pieces of film history. He made a name for himself after ten years of being in the directing business. The defining moment of his career started in 1977 with the “Star Wars” series. The last movie he directed was in 2005 and was called “Star Wars: Episode III – Revenge of the Sith”.

2. Robert Zemeckis

The silver medal goes to Robert Zemeckis. With a total box office draw of 1.799 billion over the years he remains one of the most innovative and brilliant movie directors to see the Hollywood sets.  His work includes the “Back to the Future” series and the Oscar winning “Forest Gump” considered one of the greatest movies of all times.

1. Steven Spielberg

The leader of this top five is without a doubt the greatest film director of all times. Ruling the charts with an incredible 3.445 billion total box office draw is the infamous Steven Spielberg. He directed his first film in 1959 and since then his resume incorporates titles such as “Jurassic Park”, “Jaws”, “E.T”, “Schindler`s List” or the highly praised “Indiana Jones” series.


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