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Top 5 Most Valuable Novels Sold at Auction

Books never go out of fashion, no matter what some people might want to think. You just have to go to an auction that sells novels and you will immediately notice how high the popularity of some of these masterpieces are. It is obvious that not all books will sell well but there are some novels that are always popular and in very high demand. As soon as they appear in an auction, people want to buy. Some even travel hundreds of miles when they hear that a particular novel will be listed in an auction and will do all they can in order to make a purchase. The value of a book is never linked to what it is printed on or how new it is. In fact, the older the book, the higher the price tag, especially when dealing with authors that were incredibly good and that changed the lives of those that read their writing.

Here are the most collectible books sold at auctions!

5. Alice In Wonderland – $115,000

The novel by Lewis Caroll is so popular that there were not one but 2 movies that appeared with the script adjusted based on the writing. The book is about a girl named Alice who falls into a rabbit hole and discovers an incredible fantasy world. The full name of the novel is Alice’s Adventures In Wonderland and people from all around the world are acquainted with the colorful characters portrayed in a very interesting writing manner that is even appealing for adults. A rare edition of the book sold for $115,000 at auction in 2009. The book was originally a gift from Carroll to Alice Liddell, the girl who the book’s Alice is supposedly based.

4. Down And Out In Paris And London – $140,000

George Orwell is responsible for this highly interesting novel. What makes it really special is an unusual fictional account that is combined with a large dose of autobiographical writing. This is the story of a British writer without a penny that is stuck between two cities. Orwell manages to create a very interesting novel that is all about the poverty and the truths related to society at the time when it was written. Orwell researched for the book by living with tramps on the roads of England. A rare signed copy of the book by George Orwell sold at auction for $140,000 in 2010.

3. The Great Gatsby – $161,000

The Great Gatsby was written by F. Scott Fitzgerald and many first get in touch with it in high school, in various countries around the world. What is really interesting is the fact that there are so many people that re-read the novel because it has a reputation of being viewed differently as you get more life experience. The price of this novel goes up as it is older in the sense that an original copy can be quite expensive in an auction. The book takes place in the United States in 1922 after WWI. It captures the country during the Roaring Twenties and describes all of the madness associated with the country during this time. A first edition of The Great Gatsby was sold at auction for $161,000 in 2002.

2. A Christmas Carol – $293,000

We all know this novel by Charles Dickens. It is one of the most popular among all he wrote and most people might have expected A Christmas Carol to be number one in our top 5 list. It is mainly sold around Christmas and it tells a tale that is wonderful for both children and adults. Movies were made out of the novel and many cartoons have touched on numerous parts of the book. The tale revolves around a stingy Ebenezer Scrooge and his emotional transformation from encounters with the supernatural ghosts of Christmas Past, Present, and Yet to Come. The book was first published in 1843 and a first edition sold for $293,000 at auction in 2010.

1. Ulysses – $460,000

The most valuable novel sold at auction is Ulysses by James Joyce. It is quite a long novel of 738 pages in most editions but the older editions are the ones that are most popular and a whole lot more expensive since the popularity of the book is incredible. Ulysses is a book that shows the Dublin of 1904 and is a lot more complicated than you might be tempted to believe at first. The book describes the life of Leopold Bloom in Dublin during an ordinary day in 1904. Ulysses establishes a series of parallels between its characters and events with those of the Greek poem, Odysseus, by Homer. Only two copies of the book were signed by Joyce and one of those sold at auction for an astounding $460,000 in 2002. 

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