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Top 5 Most Recognizable Icons In The World – Fantastic Fives
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Top 5 Most Recognizable Icons In The World

Tolstoy once said, Art is universal if it expresses thoughts and feelings which  can be experienced by every human being. Its also how branding works — if an  image is loaded with meaning, one glimpse and your brain is flooded with imagery  of what that stands for. In my travels, (and probably yours) I’ve come  across several icons that definitely fit the bill — icons that, with the  strength of time, only grow in meaning and symbolism. An instant glimpse, and  the culture is instantaneously transmuted into a language that everyone just  simply has to identify with — art.

These are our top 5 distinctive symbols:

5. Hammer and Sickle

This symbol has been adopted into the Russian flag, signifying the unity of peasants and workers. Some anthropologists are still in debate about the religious use of the symbol, as they believe it to be a permutation of the Russian-orthodox two-barred cross.

4.  Star of David

Commonly associated with the Jewish Identity, the hexagram  has been in the flag of Israel since 1948.

3. Maple Leaf

Getting its symbolism from the late 18th century, one look and Canada springs to  mind. It got its name from Jacques Viger, the first mayor of Montreal, when he  spoke of the trees abundance in their land: the king of our forest; … the  symbol of the Canadian people.”

2. Shamrock

The anglicized version of the Irish word for clover, has been forever attached  to Ireland, which is known for drinking, St. Patricks Day, and more drinking.  But did you know that the shamrock is actually an Irish Christian symbol for the Holy Trinity?

1. I (heart) NY

Who hasnt seen one of these? It was designed by Milton  Glaser (this guy even designed the old DC Comics logo!) in the late 70’s as  commissioned by the New York State Department of Commerce to promote tourism in  the New York State. (Not just the city, as most people believe.) It is still a  popular design to this day, and is still being sold in several souvenir shops in  New York. It also served an important purpose after 9/11, as it promoted unity  among the populace.


Article by:  Bea Scott




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