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Top 5 Most Popular Perfumes in History

Perfume is one of the most important aspects of making a good first impression. Your sense of smell is contained within the right portion of your brain which is also home to your emotions. This means that smells automatically evokes emotions and memories in those that you meet, so if you are wearing a particularly nice or famous scent then it will conjure up memories and emotions in peoples’ minds immediately before you have even opened your mouth. This can be, in most cases, extremely beneficial.

Here are some of the most popular and recognizable fragrances on the planet.

5. Chanel No.5

chanel 5

Chanel No.5 is the most popular fragrance in the world and has been pretty much since its launch in 1921. The perfume was developed by Ernest Beaux and launched by French style icon “Coco” Chanel; it rose from being merely popular to being an icon when in 1953 Marilyn Monroe was famously quoted as saying in response to the question: What do you wear at night? She replied, “What do I wear in bed? Why, Chanel No.5, of course…”

4. CK One

ck one

Calvin Klein’s unisex perfume staple is a long way behind the legendary Chanel No.5 in the legend stakes, but is arguably almost as popular today. Since its release in 1994 the scent and the bottle has lingered around copious bars and dressing tables across the globe and is as popular amongst men as it is women. This unisex phenomenon has become a benchmark for all other unisex fragrances to aspire to.

3. Eternity

eternity perfume

Another Calvin Klein creation, this classic fragrance has hit a nerve in the minds of many becoming one of the most popular fragrances of all time. A blend of both classic and modern notes allows Eternity to stand in a timeless position as people keep coming back for more.

2. Coco


Even though Chanel released this perfume 60 years after their legendary No.5 scent, Coco has already acquired a classic status. The bottle echoes No.5 but the scent is a completely different blend which has an oriental floral direction, much out of step with the artificial, non floral direction Coco Chanel had been looking for with No.5. Chanel have also had a great deal of success in their extensive range of men’s aftershave such as Allure and Antaeus.

1. Poison

poison perfume

Christian Dior launched Poison in 1985 and it has consistently been amongst the most popular perfumes on the market ever since. Its luxurious and intoxicating fragrance is a unique fragrance which has amassed a strong following.

Article by: Jack Mack

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