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Top 5 Most Dangerous Places to Do Business In

As the world became a singular place, globalization and the internet made more and more people interact with areas in the world that before was very improbable. Companies are able to invest, trade, and expand in so many different places on earth that sometimes important factors are not taken into account; political risk, economic risk, culture, legal regulation however, there is an extremely crucial factor that many companies do not take into account and become extremely frustrated. Criminal activity must be always considered in the area before any company starts doing business there.

These are the top 5 most hazardous areas to conduct business in:

5. Mexico City

The largest city in the world is home to a vibrant culture, incredible history and beautiful architectural landscapes. The capital is also home to one of the most dangerous street criminals in the world. Crimes such as armed robberies, express kidnappings, car thefts, carjackings and credit card fraud are common among the population and consequently common among local businesses. Executives are known for going around the city with a number of security guards watching them and driving bulletproof cars.

4. Cape Town

The intriguing tropical landscapes is destination to worldwide surfers and beach lovers every year however, tourists are told to play it safe in the legislative capital of South Africa. Considered to be the most dangerous city in the country, murder, robbery, rape and kidnappings are big problems in the area and also affects companies operating in the city. Moreover, violent crimes are a big issue and the murder rate is about 62 per 100,000 habitants, burglary and white collar crime are also commonly experienced and also should be taken into account in every company that wants to trade in the trilingual urban centre.

3. Rio de Janeiro

Home to the Copacabana beach, Ipanema, beautiful women and the strongest soccer culture in the world, Rio is not only a city that people are influenced by the tropical beauty, people are commonly also influenced by criminals that go around the city causing fear and paranoia. The favelas are known for where all the criminality goes around but this is very wrong, robberies in famous beaches and restaurants can easily occur. Executives are recommended to buy simpler cars not to attract attention to criminals that may try armed assaults and even kidnapping.

2. Coastal Somalia

The media around the world does not give justice to how ruthless and brutal the Somali pirates can be towards marine crew members that try to navigate through the Indian Sea. Any Naval ship going through the Somali Coast is recommended to have a high counter piracy patrol regardless of the size or importance of the vehicle. 23 ships are being held by the pirates assembling a number of more than 400 hostages. The pirates are considered to be very efficient and heavily armed and regarding the current international maritime legislation, they are having an easy pass on their criminal activity.

1. Caracas

Known as the Murder Capital of the World, Caracas is also the Capital of Venezuela and not only is suffering from a influential and rather unfair political movement, is also damaging it’s own economy due to criminal activity. The political status might be the cause of criminality however, businesses are alarmed and scared to operate in a city that has a murder rate of 200 for 100.000 habitants.


Article by:  Erica Conway

Outdoors Lover and Occasional Hiker

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