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Top 5 Most Collectible Comic Books

Millions of comic book fans exist around the world and collecting special editions is a hobby that occupies a lot of time for so many people. You most likely know that some of the rare comic books are quite expensive but what you may not know is what comic books are the most valuable and collectible. This is the top 5 most collectible comic books you can find at the moment. We also added the estimated value of every single issue that is presented because of the fact that it might be a point of interest if you ever stumble across one of them at a yard sale.

These are the top 5 valuable comic books:

5. Batman #1 – Estimated Value $100,000

batman comic #1

Batman #1 appeared in 1940. Batman and his sidekick, then known as “Robin the Boy Wonder”, became a comic book character with his own strip after being featured in 13 numbers of Detective Comics. In the beginning the plan was to have the comic book released quarterly but it quickly ended up being released on a monthly basis because of the huge popularity it had. In Batman #1 you will see the first ever appearance of 2 legendary villains of the now known Dark Knight: Catwoman and Joker.

4. Marvel Comics #1 – Estimated Value $250,000

marvel comics #1

Marvel Comics appeared in 1939 and appeared because of the work of Funnies Inc, being published by Martin Goodman. The number 1 issue introduced 3 characters that are highly popular today: Human Torch, Ka-Zar the Great and Sub-Mariner Of Atlantis. As you can see, the value of the number 1 issue is quite high at the moment and this is due to the fact that Marvel Comics has become incredibly popular over the years.

3. Superman #1 – Estimated Value $210,000 – $300,000

superman comic #1

Superman is seen by many as the most popular superhero that was ever featured in a comic book. Superman was mainly catching popularity while featured in Action Comics but he eventually got his own comic book. No one would have ever thought the superhero from Krypton would become so popular, with various movies being made and with a huge following. If you ever want to put your hands on this comic book, you will surely end up paying a lot more than the estimated value since the owner will surely not want to part with it.

2. Detective Comics #27 – Estimated Value $300,000

detective comics 27

Detective Comics would have never been so popular without this issue. This is the only comic book in our list of the top 5 most collectible comic books that is not a first issue. The main reason for the high selling value of #27 is the appearance of the Batman. This is where he appeared for the first time as a counter to the Superman character.  One copy sold for $1,075,000 in a February 2010 auction.

1. Action Comics #1 – Estimated Value $350,000

action comics #1

The world of comic books would have been totally different without Action Comics #1. This is where Superman was introduced and its cover is crude but quite memorable. Action Comics followed various different storylines but it made Superman the first ever superhero to have his very own comic book. Until the first appearance of the man from Krypton, nothing was really worth mentioning in the comic book industry and this is the character that changed history. The comic was released in 1938 and It is estimated that there are only 50 to 100 original copies still in existence. A copy was sold for $2.16 million in 2011.

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