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Top 5 Locations to Meet Great Girls – Fantastic Fives
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Top 5 Locations to Meet Great Girls

The first step to becoming successful with women, of course, is to actually meet them. But where to meet great girls? If you think that you’re out of luck, you’re wrong. With a little effort, you can meet great women almost anywhere.

Here are my 5 personal favorite places to meet incredible girls:

5. Dance Lessons

This one is great for a lot of reasons. First of all, women love a man who can (or is willing to learn how to) dance. The setting will give you plenty of chances to tease her (when she messes up, for example) and I think you’ll have a lot of fun with this. Obviously, the women-to-men ratio is skewed too.

4. Bookstores

If you’re looking for less of the party girl, and more the hot, intelligent type of women, bookstores are great. There’s plenty of conversation starters all around you (especially if you catch a good looking girl in the sex education aisle…do not relent the teasing) and usually at these places there’s some form of coffee shop.┬áBarnes and Nobles has Star Bucks, for example. If you meet a particularly interesting woman, you can go to coffee immediately.

3. The Gym

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