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Top 5 iphone Applications

The i-Phone has been around for quite some time now.  The iPhone app markets are filled with thousands of products conceived to always keep you entertained and help you make the most out of your smartphone. This device has become an important part of our lives, and useful and fun apps are permanently upgraded and improved. People are coming up with new things every day, making your life easier and filling it with joy through technology.

Depending on your tastes and daily routine you must have some favorite apps you always enjoy using. Creating a top five when it comes to i-phone software is hard because of the permanently increasing database and large user count. Based on the number of downloads and opinions expressed over the internet through media channels such as twitter or Facebook, some apps tend to stand out more than others. Most of them are free and appeal to the entertainment side of things.

These are our top 5 applications for the iPhone:

5. Netflix

Although it requires a permanent subscription it is still one of the most popular out there. You can use it to download DVDs or watch video streams. The iPhone app is free to install and will provide access to several TV shows video clips.

4. Flipboard

It creates a magazine-like environment that will contain everything shared with you via the internet. You can instantly access tweets, Facebook newsfeeds, photos taken via Instagram and much more. You can permanently keep a close eye on all your favorite magazines and newsfeeds from LinkedIn, 500px, Flickr or Google reader. It will help you spare a lot of time by managing several apps at once. Browsing is fast and you can also select what things you enjoy most reading.

3. Pocketbooth

It is highly addictive and it will turn your i-Phone into a vintage-like photo-booth.  Even the app description says it`s like having an photo-booth that fits into your pocket.  It has some incredible features that will replicate that old-fashion feeling of hilarity and spontaneity captured only with traditional cameras. The exciting thing about this app is the fact that it comes with a Print and Ship option. It will allow you to go a step further than sending emails, tweets or Facebook posts. This service will actually print and sent your strip via USPS exactly where you need it to be delivered. It will come in an envelope in just one business days’ worth of time.

2. Pandora

It is one of the nicest pieces of software you can have on your device. It is a simple free online music player. All you have to do is make an account. After that you can even create personalized music stations bay putting together your own playlists sorted by artist, song or genre. The great thing about this iPhone app is that it has a special built in library that will recognize the type of music you mainly listen to based-on your initial picks. It will instantly fill your channel with music that you can rate using the thumbs up or down option. With time this will offer a more personal feel whenever you access it. Creating an account and downloading Pandora is free. You can use it while driving or even at home.

1. Facebook

Nowadays people are always communicating and keeping their friends up to date through social networks. With Facebook being the most popular internet based structure of its kind, this specially designed iPhone app has quickly claimed the number one spot in the hearts of i-Phone users. It is a great way to chat with all your loved ones through the built in instant message option, post on their walls or see what have they been up to. The Facebook app will always keep you connected. Another great thing about this application is that you can instantly post pictures in your albums, letting everyone know where you are and how much fun you’re having.

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