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Top 5 Haunted Houses In The U.S.

Visiting haunted houses are a Halloween tradition. People travel from miles away to check out the best Halloween attractions, filled with ghouls, ghosts, and goblins. Part of the fun is that these so called “haunted houses” are just attractions filled with actors and props. If it’s real ghosts you’re looking for,

here are five of America’s best known haunted houses.

5. Myrtle Plantation

The Myrtle Plantation in St. Francisville, Louisiana is said to be home to several spirits and ghosts. Ten murders and a suicide have taken place here. The ghost of Cleo, a former slave who murdered two small girls by poison and William Winter who was shot on the front porch are just two of the permanent residents. The slave graveyard out back has a few more.

4. The Lemp Mansion

The Lemp Mansion, in St Louis, which was built by the Lemp family, the makers of Falstaff beer, is supposedly haunted by the family of the same name after they became the victims of numberous tragedies. In 1904, William Lemp committing suicide, shortly after his sons death. A decade and a half later his daughter, William Lemp, Jr., and Charles Lemp each took their lives. This haunted house was sold, and operated as a boarding house, before becoming a restaurant in 1977. The restaurant staff, as well as the people previously, boarding there both report strange sensations, apparitions, strange noices, voices, and flying glasses.

3. Moore Home-Ax Murder House

On June 10, 1912, the small mid-western town of Villisca, Iowa discovered that eight of their neighbors had been murdered by axe the previous night. This changed the town from a trusting community to one of suspicion. Accusations and rumors lurked among friends and families. The mystery was never solved, but the Moore house is reportedly home to a number of paranormal activities. Objects move on their own, banging sounds are heard throughout the house, and photographs often leave strange images.

2. Whaley House

The Whaley House in San Diego was built by Thomas Whaley on the execution grounds of James Robinson, who was also known as Yankee Jim. In 1852, he was convicted of grand larceny and sentenced to death by hanging. The hangman set the noose improperly, causing Jim’s feet to touch the ground and hang in agony, before dying. According to the youngest Whaley daughter, she could hear the sound of boots stomping in the house. These sounds are suspected to be those of Yankee Jim.

1. Winchester Mansion

In San Jose, California The Winchester Mystery House is said to be very haunted. It was under continuous construction for 38 years. It was the personal residence of Sarah Winchester, the widow of the famous gun maker William Winchester. It is an extravagant example of Victorian craftsmanship. Under Sarah’s constant guidance the construction proceeded around-the-clock, without interruption, until her death at which time work immediately ceased. Over the years strange noises, cold spots, and Sarah herself have been spotted.


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Article by:  Gen Wright



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