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Top 5 Female Superheroines

A superhero is known to be the type of character that dedicates his life to protecting the innocent and all the moral values present in the Universe. The prototype for this concept was designed in 1938 and was called Superman. Feminine superheroes became popular in a not so distant past and are referred to as super heroines. Both terms are a registered trademark owned by Marvel Comics and DC Comics. After the creation of Superman, superheroes started developing in several directions. The idea of archenemies appeared, as well as individuals that had now powers but still fought crime. With time mysticism, technology, science and other entities became part of this fantasy universe.

Female superheroes started with small steps. First there was Fletcher Hank`s Fantomah. She was conceived as an ancient Egyptian entity that lived in modern days and fought crime by transforming herself into a skull-faced creature. After her came the Invisible Scarlet O`Neil, The Woman in Red, and several others that did not win much in popularity. The first female superhero that became an icon of modern comics was considered to be Wonder Woman closely followed by characters like Hawk-girl, Supergirl and Batwoman.  When DC created the Justice League of America they included many other characters worthy of being called super heroes. The last decade gave birth to Elektra, Catwoman and Spider-Girl, all popular first rank characters in comics spread all across the world.

These are our top 5 comic book heroines:

5. Elektra

Number 5 is taken by Elektra. She is a fierce ninja assassin that has Greek origins just like Wonder Woman. Her weapons of choice are two blades called “SAI”. She has a violent nature and lives a double life that intersects with that of Daredevil`s.  She is affiliated with “S.H.I.E.L.D” and HYDRA and her alter ego is called Elektra Natchios.

4. Kara Zor-El

Kara Zor-El, daughter of Superman`s relative Zor-EL. Supergirl, as  known by many, is actually older than her uncle Kal-EL. Trained by Wonder Woman she becomes brainwashed by Darkseid and attacks Earth. During her battles beside Superman she gets split into two different characters because of Lex Luthor. One is evil and one is good. She is also a member of the Justice League.

3. Rogue

Rogue was born with the capability to absorb all memories, powers and abilities that reside in animate objects. She manages to do so just through her touch. This is a complex character that fights battles both with the outside world and with herself. She is tormented by her impossibility of human contact and leads a solitary life. Introduced first during the 1990s when the X-Men cartoons aired she received a leading role. She was very constant with her battles and offered interesting outcomes and situations because of her ability to absorb powers.

2. She-Hulk

Her real name is Jennifer Walters and she is the cousin of Bruce Banner. Finding her roots deeply anchored in a world of crime run by Nicholas Trask and constantly witnessing her father Sheriff Morris Walters struggling to keep her away from harm she ends up shot when visiting Bruce. She receives blood from him which will turn her in to the green mutant capable of throwing cars and stopping trains with her bare hands. She is now part of the Avengers series and has a place in the Fantastic Four comics. In real life she works as a lawyer for the Superhuman Law division.

1. Wonder Woman

Undoubtedly the best female superhero ever to see a DC comic book page is Wonder Woman. She is the star of the fantasy world that is the Marvel and DC universe. Her real name is actually Princess Diana and she finds her roots in Greek mythology. Her immortality is given by her Amazonian bloodline. Found by Steve Trevor, a pilot that accidentally crashes on a secluded island she is given the opportunity to leave that place in order to escort him home and let the people of the planet know of the existence of her siblings.  She faces the villains of the world with superhuman strength and incredible speed. As part of her gadgets, the most important are the bulletproof bracelets that along with her tiara are true trademarks of the Wonder Woman character. Her greatest weapon is the Golden Lasso of Truth. She is set to promote peace and understand the ways of the world that are very different from her own.



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