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Top 5 Dental Services

All of us know who a dentist is and many of us fear going to the dentist because of all the drilling and pain that it entails. However, dentists don’t just simply fix gums, clean your teeth, and replace cavities. There are many different types of dental services out there that people use on a regular basis.

Below are the top 5 dental services that people use the most.

5. Filling cavities

This is undoubtedly the most common use that people have for dentists. Unfortunately, this is also thought to be the only thing that dentists do. Almost every person you know has been to the dentist at least once to have a cavity filled. Cavities in the teeth are caused by bacterial infection, and ultimately lead to severe pain when the bacteria tunnels right into your tooth to the nerve endings in the center. This is when you typically go to the dentist, who will in turn, drill out the bacterial colony, clean out the hole in your tooth, and then fill with resin filling that covers up the cavity.


4. Alignment of teeth

This is also one of the most common reasons people use dental services, especially in the case of young children. When their baby teeth are being slowly replaced by permanent teeth, some of the new teeth grow up in a different direction, creating a misalignment of your teeth. An orthodontist generally deals with such a situation, recommending a set of braces to be used for a certain period so that your teeth are aligned perfectly over time.


3. Tackling gum diseases

This primarily falls under the domain of the periodontist, whose job is to focus on the gums rather than the teeth themselves. There are a wide range of gum diseases that can result from negligence shown in teeth care. Periodontists often have to create dental implants and perform gum/tooth restructuring in order to tackle these situations.


2. Dental care consultation

Another common dental care service is that of general dental care consultation. Almost all dentists have a checklist of dos and don’ts that you have to follow if you want to take proper care of your teeth. These generally include brushing your teeth twice daily, minimizing snacking in between meals, not smoking, always rinsing your mouth properly after eating, and other important dental advisements. These recommendations by themselves (if followed correctly) can limit your need for expensive and painful dental care services in the future.


1. Cosmetic dentistry

This is also a fast upcoming industry itself and uses a combination of dentistry and aesthetics to create beautifully designed teeth for the client. Cosmetic dentists perform various procedures to repair, replace, and reset your teeth and finally you end up with a set of teeth that are as beautiful as the ones that you see on the faces of models and superstars.

There are many more uses of dentists, and various other forms of dental services that are offered nowadays. These offerings range from specialized pediatric dentistry to the setting of a set of false teeth for an older patient. Dental services cater to one and all and are a vital need if we are to maintain proper health and hygiene.

Article by: Sarah Newman

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