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Top 5 Common Vision Myths

Don’t sit too close to the TV! Don’t read in the dark! Don’t cross your eyes they’ll get stuck like that! Has anyone ever told you any of those? There are so many worries about vision and eye care its no wonder that moms everywhere have been exclaiming all these things to their kids for generations. It’s normal for them to worry. As much as 80% of everything students learn is made possible through the eyes, and it’s extremely important to take care of them; however, it’s time to separate the old wives tales from the facts.

Here are the top 5 frequent vision lores:

5. People with astigmatism cannot wear contact lenses

Contact lens technology advances more every year. There are now contact lenses designed specifically for those with astigmatism. If you were unable to get contact lenses for astigmatism in the past, contact your eye doctor to re-evaluate your options now.

4. Wearing an old prescription makes your vision worse

Your vision can change over time. If your prescription becomes too weak you may experience some eyestrain as your eyes try to compensate, but that won’t make your vision worse. Visit your optometrist annually to ensure you’re wearing an up-to-date prescription.

3. Working on a computer for too long is harmful to your vision

There is no research that shows that looking at a computer for too long is harmful to your vision. There is a condition called computer syndrome, which can cause headaches and eyestrain, but it doesn’t actually make your vision worse than it is. If you work on a computer a lot, practice the 20/20/20 rule. Every 20 minutes you should focus on something 20 feet away for at least 20 seconds.

2. Sitting too close to the TV is bad for your eyes

If your child is sitting close to the TV, their vision may need correction already, but sitting too close to the TV wasn’t the cause.

1. Reading in dim light harms your vision

Reading without proper lighting can cause your eyes to work a little harder than usual so they can focus on what  you’re reading. That can cause a slight strain, but no serious long-term damage comes from reading in low light.

Try to break it to your mother nicely next time she scolds you for sitting in front of the TV, and if there are any other possible myths you’ve heard- don’t hesitate to contact your optometrist and ask. After all, when it comes to vision, you’re better safe than sorry!

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3 thoughts on “Top 5 Common Vision Myths

  1. Dear Fantasticfives,
    Thanks for that, My aunt says that my vision is so bad because I wear my glasses almost 24/7 (except when I’m sleeping and stuff like that). I can’t help but wear them all day long because I can only see blurs without them. (btw: they’re -400)

    So is it true that my vision gets worse because I wear my glasses all day long? Or is it a myth?
    Kindest Regards

    1. A number of tnihgs can cause blurry vision.It could simply be a change in your prescription. It could be a muscle imbalance causing eye strain. Health issues with the eyes can cause this, cataracts or any condition of the retina can affect your vision. Large floaters can blur patches in your vision.The other thing it could be is a visual migraine. This causes blurred vision for short periods of time. Some times you can get this migraine without a headache afterwards tooYou need to go to see an eye doctor or optician for a full examination to find out what the reason is for you. The list of tnihgs it could be is endless really, and only a full health examination of your eyes will be able to determine what it is.

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