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Top 5 Classic Comeback Cars

Nothing can stop most of our favorite classic cars. These cars have seen it all. Whether facing snow, sleet, or dry and hot desert, they seem to always come out unscathed. It seems that the only thing can stop these classic cars is the end of their production run. It is a sad event to see some of these great cars retired. But when that time comes, it is good to take a second to reflect on the ingenuity that helped to create them.  Some designs truly stand the test of time. Our friends at Wired.com recently created a list of the classic cars that still turn heads, even decades after the end of their production run. These are cars that have the best of both worlds. They were discontinued, only to make a triumphant return years or decades later.

These are the Top 5  Re-invigorated Classic Cars:

5. Fiat 500

fiat 500

This car is something that showcases decades of Italian car culture. This was a small car that packed a big punch. It weighed only just over 1000lbs, with a relatively modest length not greater than 10 feet. It was perfect for zipping around the crowded cities when it debuted in the 1950s. This car gave rise to the Fiat 126 and various hatchback designs before returning into the public consciences in 2007. This car represents Italian car making at its best.

4. Mini Cooper

mini cooper

The original Mini was another car that debuted in the 1950’s. Originally designed by Alec Issigonis, the Mini would go on to become a British icon for car design. It would eventually become an icon all over the world, selling over 5 million cars worldwide. The company was taken over by BMW in 1994. Thankfully the car is still in production and just as popular as ever.

3. Volkswagon Beetle

volkswagon beetle

The Beetle was an absolute icon over the 1960’s and beyond. This is the defining car of an entire generation. The design of the car was practical and classic, it provided all the features that any car owner could have wanted at the time. Known for its reliability and durability it is no surprise that this car sold over 21 million units. The Beetle was reintroduced in 1998 to an entire new audience. While it has struggled to regain the foothold that it had on the earlier generation, the car still holds plenty of cult appeal.

2. Dodge Charger/Dodge Challenger

dodge charger side by side

dodge challenger

Muscle cars were all the rage in the 1960’s, when the Challenger and Charger debuted to massive widespread appeal. These cars became classics with their powerful Hemi engines that could crank the RPM and leave anyone in the dust. Unfortunately the style had faded by the 1980’s. The Challenger was sent to the pasture in 1983 and the Charger followed with a whimper in 1987. The good news is that these cars made their returns in the 2000’s, after more than a decade of obscurity. One thing that hasn’t changed is the power. The Charger and Challenger can still turn 707 horsepower, leaving the competitors in the dust.

1. Chevrolet Camaro

chevy camaro

The Camaro is perhaps best known for its rivalry with the Ford Mustang. It’s safe to say that the Mustang was finally able to bring the Camaro to its knees in 2002 when it ended production. After 36 years of competition, it looked like the battle was finally over. But the Camaro re-emerged in 2010 looking mean and lean. The good news is that with its return, it assured more great competition for years to come.



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