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Top 5 Causes of Divorce

Divorce, an ugly word at best, but over half of us will go through it, at least once.  What are the top reasons for divorce, and if you see them listed here, can it really help you?  If you or a friend’s marriage is approaching divorce, or if it is all ready there, take a long hard look at these top reasons for divorce to see if you can pinpoint what the problem is, or what the problem was.

These are our top 5 reasons for divorce:

5. Changes in Priority

This is a problem that results when there are big changes in your lives.  Changes like kids.  Maybe it’s no longer just the two of you, life is changing.  She seems to care more about the kids than her husband.  Changes like careers, and now he seems to care more about the career than his wife.  There will always be changes in your lives, but in a marriage, you both have to change together.  In marriage you have to be a team. If one of you has started a new career, you both have actually started the new career.  Treat it that way and you will see less stress in your marriage.

4. Addictions

This is the fastest growing of the top reasons for divorce. Sorry to say, this cannot be first solved firstly in the marriage itself.  The one with the addiction has to come to terms with their addiction first, then they can work with their spouse to recover from the addiction and repair the marriage.  This is not only a notorious killer of marriages; it is a notorious killer of people.  If you love your spouse, you owe it to them to help them recover from their addiction.  Remember, you are not the problem, the addiction is.  Get rid of the addiction, and you get rid of the problem.

3. Financial 

You will need to work on your finances as a team, not as an individual.  Marriage is a team sport, and all financial decisions should be made as a team.  If you both made bad financial decisions, it’s harder to get mad at each other.  If only one of the persons in the marriage is handling the finances, then it is simple to see why the other person cannot seem to understand where all the money is going, then the fights start.  Work together on your finances and both your eyes will be opened.

2. Poor Communication 

Don’tt take a spouse or marriage for granted.  It needs constant work.  Constant communication. Talk to each other, talk about things, anything, just talk.  Poor communication is probably one of the easiest of the top reasons for divorce to solve.  Just start communicating and working on it daily.  This is a two way plan though.

1. Infidelity

Yes, the big “I”.  The number one top reason for divorce in America today.  Can this reason be solved?  Even I cannot answer that. This is the hardest reason to deal with.  The word “WHY” is prominent here for the spouse that has been cheated on.

Well, these are the top reasons for divorce today in North America.  There are actually many more, but 80% of the population will find their reasons in the list above.  If you marriage is still together, and you both want to save it, work on these topics, and work hard.  Every good marriage is worth saving if there is still the element of love between you.  In closing, the top reasons for divorce really, really do not matter.  What matters most is both of your’s top reasons for staying together.


Article by:  Joseph J. Wood

Joseph J. Wood, as a professional researcher and author, has dramatically helped many experiencing or about to experience divorce through his writings.  On his website,http://www.divorceandyourfamily.info he outlines many more ideas on this topic.


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