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Top 5 Best Starbucks Drinks – Fantastic Fives
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Top 5 Best Starbucks Drinks

Who can resist a unique and delicious drink experience from Starbucks? Well not me. I admit I am there almost daily trying something different. I’m going to count down from 5 to 1 my absolute favorite Starbucks drinks. Some people may not have the same taste, but hopefully everyone can find something in this list they can enjoy.

These are our top 5 Starbucks beverages:

5. Caramel Mocha Frappuccino

Caramel Mocha Frappuccino

I have found a large number of people enjoy either mocha frappuccino’s caffeine chip frappuccinos or caramel frappuccinos. These are the typical Starbucks drinks I usually view being ordered, and why not attempt adding the flavors to get the best of both worlds! This frappuccino has 50 percent mocha syrup and half caramel syrup along with the coffee frappuccino base. It has an interesting taste that is more overpowered by the chocolate, so you may desire to either reduce how much is mocha added or add some caramel syrup for those who have more of a sweet tooth!

4. Oreo Frappuccino

Oreo Frappuccino

This is a delicious frappuccino many people with a sweet tooth need to enjoy! It can be really chocolaty though, so you may exchange less Chocolate chips or remove the mocha syrup unless you like it the regular way. Again, this may be a glass or two that some Barista’s may not discover how to make, so just try to instruct them a bit if they aren’t too sure. This frappuccino has a cream base as well as mocha syrup added for it. This mocha syrup is optional based on how chocolaty you want it. After this, you should get Vanilla bean powder in conjunction with chocolate chips added to the frappuccino. The mocha syrup and chocolate chips represent the chocolate for the particular Oreo, and the Vanilla bean powder combined with cream base acts as the filling inside the Oreo’s. This is definitely a fantastic drink that everyone should try at least once!

3. Apple Pie Frappuccino

Apple Pie Frappuccino

This is a great Frappuccino that anyone who loves apple pie will delight in. The way that you get this to frappuccino is to add the Cream frappuccino foundation with apple juice to make up the majority of the drink. The extra ingredients that are added to this should include Caramel syrup, Cinnamon, whipped cream and caramel drizzle. I’ve only had this a few times, but both times I’ve enjoyed it tremendously!

2. Iced tall sugar-free caramel, Nonfat, Light Ice, Starbucks double shot in ice

Iced tall sugar-free caramel, Nonfat, Light Ice, Starbucks double shot in ice

Well this is my ultimate Starbucks drink if I’m looking for something healthy in the daytime that I can feel good about afterwards. I usually alternate between this drink as well as the Mint/Mocha Frappuccino listed within my number 1 spot. This drink has 3 pumps of sugar-free caramel syrup containing 0 calories. This drink also features 2 Espresso shots along with about a half of a tall ice scoop. After this it is usually topped with Skim milk. This drink has close to no calories other than whats from the espresso shots and the skim milk, so it is an incredible drink that tastes amazing and won’t increase your waistline.

1. Tall Two Send Peppermint, Two pump Mocha Mixed up Cream Frappuccino

peppermint frapacino

This frappuccino really tastes like chocolate mint. I personally love chocolate mint and this is exactly why this drink is my favorite. It has two pumps of peppermint syrup, two pumps of the mocha syrup, a cream frappuccino base plus a scoop of tall snow. This is a more fattening drink however, so I usually only have it if I’m in a mood to let it all hang out!


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