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Top 5 Best Secret Islands

Did you ever want to get rid of the rest of the world and simply go to an island that nobody knows about? This is exactly what this list is all about and we want to present the top 5 best secret islands in the world. You might want to consider these if you are looking for a retreat that is as memorable and secluded as possible.

These are our top 5 choices for the best hidden islands:

5. Can Dao – Vietnam

Can Dao is a Marine Nature Reserve that is protected and stands out as the largest of the islands in this part of Vietnam. It is a little complicated to get to but everyone who goes there says it is well worth it. The only problem is the fact that you rely on the main hotels for food and extra entertainment but on the whole, this is definitely a place where you want to go to see scenery that does not exist anywhere else. Many see this as the most beautiful place they have ever visited and it is just 5 on our list.

4. Scrub Island – British Virgin Islands

Scrub Island is located 7 minutes away from Tortola via boat and it basically offers a near to none private experience. This island was inhabited in the past and the entire landscape is as natural as it can be. Scrub Island covers just 230 acres and you can stay in one of the 52 guest suites and rooms in the area. There are private pools, a waterfall, 3 restaurants, a spa and a marina where you can go snorkeling. In addition, the island is now a part of the Marriott Autograph Collection. This means that Marriott Reward points can be used for secluded island getaways in Scrub Island.

3. Pico – Portugal

Pico is the name of an island located in the Portuguese Azores. It is mainly known because of the volcano that shares the name of the island. This volcano is also marked as the highest mountain in the country. UNESCO recognizes the historical vineyards present in the area, which are ideal for growing because of the black volcanic earth present. Various points of interest exist and this secret island is perfect for people that want to see a unique landscape that is as beautiful as anything you could imagine. With a population of a little over 15,000, this island is one you definitely don’t want to miss when visiting Portugal.

2. Sandon – Sweden

Sandon (full name Gotska Sandon Island) is the perfect place to experience Sweden’s natural wonders. It is mainly known and appreciated due to its forests and beaches and the entire island is a national park. The location of the island is 38 kilometers north of Faro and can be accessed via boat, with several ferries available. Those that go there can expect to see various pine forests and incredible fauna. Grey seals live here and birdwatching possibilities exist mainly during spring and summer.

1. Gili Trawangan – Indonesia

Gili Trawangan is the largest of the Gili Islands in Lombok. It measures just 2 km wide and 3 km long and the population is just 700 people. There are different tourist facilities available and what is really interesting is the fact that you will never find motorized vehicles on this secret island. All transportation is handled by bikes (you can rent one as a tourist) and cidomos (small horsedrawn carriages). Motorized boats are usually used in order to travel to other islands in the region. This island is really small and cannot support broad scale agriculture. It thus relies on tourism and you will definitely feel like you are not in this world when visiting.

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