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Top 5 Benefits of Getting Out of a Toxic Relationship

Most people get into a relationship dreaming about the possibilities – that it will be a loving, fulfilling, and mutually respectful union. However, there are instances where this kind of relationship dynamic is nearly impossible because of certain personal issues and problems a partner brings into the relationship. Whether it is physically or emotionally abusive behavior, untreated addiction, ongoing cheating, or the presence of a personality disorder in a partner, the result can be a victimized partner who struggles with lowered self esteem and his or her perceptions of reality. Fortunately, removal from the source of the negative messages and chaos can go a long way in bettering the affected partner’s sense of self worth and quality of life.

Here are 5 benefits to moving on from a harmful relationship:

5. Your feelings of depression will begin to ease

Often, the continuous stream of criticism, controlling behavior, or hurtful actions chips away at self esteem and can leave you feeling hopeless, discouraged, and depressed. Without the negative influence of the toxic partner, you may well find the blues clear up quite a bit on their own. However, the effects of a toxic partner can linger, so if you are struggling emotionally, see a counselor for help in processing and moving through them.

4. The “walking on eggshells” way of operating will cease

You won’t have the consuming anxiety of wondering what awful or destructive behavior your partner will engage in next, nor will you have to stay vigilant about upsetting your partner. You will be able to live your life and make the best choices for yourself.

3. Relationships with other loved ones will likely improve

Often a toxic partner will discourage you from spending too much time outside the relationship. This, combined with the fact that you are terribly distracted and absorbed by managing the toxic relationship means that your other relationships frequently suffer. Away from the toxic partner, you will have more time, and more mental space to engage your loved ones about what is going on in their lives, as well as sharing your own.

2. Your confidence in your own judgment and capability will improve

As you are removed from the toxic partner’s messages and critiques that you aren’t capable, you will begin to see that in fact you manage your own life very well, and that the way you do things does work.

1. You will have more ability to focus upon yourself, your dreams, needs and priorities

When you are consumed emotionally and mentally with maintaining a toxic relationship, you have less free energy to consider what you need, want, or aspire to achieve. Once free of the negative influence, you’ll have more mental energy and time available to explore yourself again.


Article by:  Shannon E. Cook

By the way, what is holding you back from making the best choices to achieve the life you deserve?

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