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Top 5 Mysterious Discoveries From Beneath The Sea

There is no doubt that the sea harbors some very weird things. The seabed is dotted with a number of discoveries that would definitely surprise even the the most skeptical. Because of the unique and unforgiving conditions of the sea, it has been difficult to find certain discoveries and some

Top 5 Worst Selling Cars Of All Time

Designs in the United State’s auto industry that are labeled “cutting edge” can have two sides to them. If car companies are lucky, the millions of dollars they spend on lengthy design and research efforts will pay off when they release an outstanding new vehicle. The goal is always to

Top 5 Strange Conspiracy Theories and Their Explanations

Conspiracy theories invoke excitement in our minds. They are often so convincing that even cautious people will suspend rational thought just to believe that something remarkable could be true. Unfortunately, most ultimately have to step back into logical thought and accept that a given theory has flaws that make it

Top 5 NFL Draft Busts

For the avid NFL fan, the fact that the NFL draft is not an exact science is no surprise. A player’s draft status in not an indicator of their future performance. Highly regarded prospects become legendary busts, while players drafted in the later rounds become hall of famers. It’s easy

Top 5 Little Known Spider-Man Facts

Our web-making hero has been battling arch enemies such as the Green Goblin, Venom, and the Lizard for more than 50 years. His recent pursuits on the silver screen have also been battling one sequel after another for box office records. Most of us Spidey friends know his real name

Top 5 NBA Centers Of All Time

Have you ever wondered who the best NBA centers of all time were? Well this article is going to help you find the 5 most  elite basketball centers of all time. Their greatness spans for more than 4 decades. You may disagree with our order but you have to agree the following 5 were

Top 5 Reasons Guys Enter The Friend Zone

These 5 things are what many men do when dealing with women that automatically makes us candidates for her friend zone. Trust me, if you have spent some time in the friend zone then you will recognize several of these in your dating style. These are our top 5 reasons men