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Top 5 Fuel Saving Tips – Fantastic Fives
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Top 5 Fuel Saving Tips

As fuel prices continue to climb to record heights, increasing energy efficiency is becoming increasingly important and will save more money than ever. The most common ways to save fuel is to drive slow and moderate. “Aggressive” drivers can save up to 37 per cent in keeping the petal in the metal and moderation of their acceleration and braking. Also, allowing a little more time and the prolonged slowdown of the highway travel can save up to 23 percent on gas. To put into practice, for every 5 mph you drive over 60 mph.

For those not interested in changing their driving habits for the sake of energy efficiency, they can still achieve significant savings by following the 5 hints to conserve fuel: 

5. Remove excess weight from your vehicle
It takes very little weight to your vehicle to have an impact on fuel. For every 100 pounds removed from a vehicle, up 2 percent on fuel costs can be saved.
4. Maintain Proper Tire Inflation
Proper tire inflation will not only improve energy efficiency, it will help tires last longer too! Properly inflated tires are less likely to fail at high speed, which is enough incentive to take a few minutes to check tire pressure at each fill. Keep tires properly inflated and save up to 3.3 per cent on fuel costs.
3 – Use the cruise control
When taking a long trip, turning on the cruise control is very practical and efficient to save fuel. Cruise is the most fuel efficient in the long, flat travel, but should be avoided when hiking on a mountain, because they tend to accelerate faster than necessary when climbing, thus depriving the fuel efficiency . Overall, up to a whopping 14 per cent can be saved using the official vehicle cruise control.
2 – Avoid excessive idling
Many travel courses and frequent stops around the city. Add to that frequent red lights and a premature to expect a crossing of the railway while the train crawls through, it ends up being a bit of idle time where the engine burns gas while sitting and waiting. When time is slowed down more than a minute, turn the engine and put an astonishing 19 percent on fuel costs.
1 – Maintain your vehicle engine and fuel systems
The heart of any vehicle is its engine and fuel system that powers the vehicle. Maintenance is essential to long engine life as well as the element to the promotion of energy efficiency. Planned maintenance to capture the most serious problems, like faulty oxygen sensor, and can save up to 40 percent on fuel costs.  You can maintain peak performance of your engine and fuel systems using high-quality additives for oil and gasoline. High quality products offer cleaning, packaging, lubrication and value above and beyond what is typical in engine oil and gasoline. For the engine oil, recommended the use of the class and the search for oil that is “energy conservation” on the symbol of the API to ensure that they have additives that reduce friction. Oil treatments vary widely in quality, but you should see that the condition for seal products, and offer friction-reducing ingredients. If you are concerned about the environment, avoid products with resin or PTFE Teflon ® to help protect the ozone layer.


Article by: Libby Cochran

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